Thursday, February 28, 2013

Del Sol part three. The Van and other oddities.

I can't do a recap on a relay race without using some pics of our awesome shaggin wagon!  A wonderful green machine that has proved to be the best transportation available!  My dad keeps telling me it's about to fall apart, but the Trauma Assault Vehicle loves me and loves the relay!

We started putting on names but dropped the ball on that.

Have you seen my boyfriend?  (rollover from Napa)
Do you have rectal tone?
How many fingers?
 The hanging foot scared a toddler at Starbucks.  Oops!

Ambu bag in the BACK. 
(there really was)
Compressions, Airway, Breathing
#Trauma Junkies
#Del Sol

You whine you drive!
I love this picture!  Jen and I put it there for Nicole, who hates to drive long distances, but didn't drive last time.  This trip she asked to drive and there she is - in the driver seat!

That blows Dude!  
(something Jen actually said to me on the phone when I told her about my heel surgery)
No Mas Pantalones! 

What's your Safe Word?
Blueberry Muffin
(something else I can't remember)

I'm a sucker for peer pressure.  
(this was a Kirk quote, in his honor)

View from the back.  We took a clue from the Ragnar rules and for every driver we had a "navigator" that stayed up to keep the driver company.

The back bench seat was out and that worked out perfectly!

Dirty Van almost home.  He LOVES gas (10 miles per gallon) and oil!

Nicole loved driving!  St. George to SLC.

 View from the navigator seat.  The foot kept knocking on the window. 

As with each Ragnar there is some interesting things to see.

This guy at exchange 30 looked like Steve Carell and had an 80's awesome boombox!

 His teammates.
Not going to lie.  I'm a little jealous of her ensemble.

Never one to miss a body appreciation moment.  Here is a man-runner that can actually pull off wearing capris.  I don't think he's European either!
(somehow being European makes it OK)

There were a lot of skirts.  

I passed on pics of the man in a tank, tutu and thong.  It was bad enough that I can't "unsee" that, why make you suffer?

NEXT:  The Finish LINE!

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