Friday, March 1, 2013

Finish Del Sol 2013

Like I mentioned before, the set up for the finish line was one of the best ever.  Not only was the finish line awesome, but the last run was spectacular!

We finished in a quick 34 hours and 13 minutes.  One of my longest Ragnars but that is just fine. The best part of running these relays is that you can have many types of runners involved.  Fast and experienced or new runners are all welcome.  Even slow runners like myself!

Van two and our bling!    

Look at beautiful weather!  It was seriously awesome and I miss it already.

Our team!  
We didn't have our Ragnar shirts on.  Most of ours didn't fit and we had to exchange them, plus it was too warm for me to run with sleeves! Ken is very excited, very excited.  Why is it the oldest peeps act the youngest?  

We stuck around, did some shopping, iced our owies and then watched as Heather and the three amigos ran in with their team.  

Excitement runs in the family.  

 John came in behind the crowd.  

Mike came in with his pockets.  I love his belt of pockets.  I'm obsessed with them, because really, have you ever seen that many pockets??  

Jeffrey was on the other side of the crowd so I snapped his pic after with John.  Looks like I get to run Wasatch and Las Vegas this year with these guys.  Oh yeah.  Fact.  Amazing.

That is about it.  A great time was had by all.  Of course, my next post is "overheard in the van".  Don't miss it, it was pretty epic this year.  Pretty bad when you need a safe word for you conversations.  Ew!  

Blog on............

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