Sunday, March 3, 2013

Overheard in the Van. Del Sol 2013 edition

I love these!  Some relays have more fun "overheards" then others, but when you have 5 people driving from SLC to Arizona and back there is plenty of time to warm up and before you know it we are laughing our butts off!  


Challenge Accepted!

Do you want it grilled?  Over easy.

I wish there were men in front of our van with their shirts off.  

Get in the Van!  Get in the Van!

Abort!  Abort!



Never look somebody in the eye when you bite that banana.  I have sunglasses on. 

Too far!  Too Far!

I'm a sucker for peer pressure.

If everyone does it I'll do it.  (when talking about running nekkid)  You go first.

The straight and hard stretch.

I don't even look that good after a nap.


Blueberry muffin!  Blueberry muffin!

Ken, help me!

Are these automatic mirrors?  No, they are touch mirrors, you touch them to move them.

The Valet did it.

I got gold teeth, nigga.

I pee'd my pants!  I leaked a little!

I'm getting dressed, don't look. 

Thanks to my great friends that make this type of shenanigans possible.  Four days together and we enjoyed it all!  Hoping for more fun and frolics on the races to come!

Blog on................


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  2. What great memories!!! Wonder what we will "overhear" in June.

  3. LOL - sounds like a super fun trip!!!!