Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost Normal

Yesterday was a great day!  I felt almost normal.  I'm off narcotics so I was able to drive today and get a few errands done.  It's tricky driving but I'm cautious.

I had a late breakfast/lunch but it sure was delicious!

A bed of spinach with FOUR pieces of bacon, 2 eggs and some hamburger with onions and peppers.  

Total Whole30 and completely delicious.  I had a hard time finding the right bacon that was nitrate and sugar free and I finally found some today so I bought 4 packages.  It should last me until Saturday.

Wednesday I made my 3rd batch of almond milk using my nut sack (teehee).  I added some unsweetened cocoa and the result was pure heaven.

I also made a smoothie with the almond milk for dinner.  Not the ideal Whole30 meal but I was craving something cold.  I used sunflower seed butter and some coconut milk so I got some fat and protein.  I also added lots of spinach, to give me some veggies.

Whole30 is going good and I'm feeling great.  I'm tired of some of the cooking and decided to go ahead and eat as many fruits that I want.  It doesn't end up to be too much and I don't think I'll have any problem finishing up the next two days.  After my 30 days I'll recap and reveal decide what my future nutrition plans.  

I was able to clean my room and move on out to the couch for any rest. I ran some errands and then rested my foot.  Then I spent some time catching up on little things around the house.  It felt good to not be in bed all day.  

Icing on the couch.
Waiting for my ship to sail.  :)

I also blew up my new stability ball!  Yeah! I'll start working on upper body and core work today at exactly one week post op.  I don't want to completely loose all my strength.

She's a beauty!

Overall my foot feels fine.  I get a twinge of pain occasionally but the pain is actually better then before the surgery.  Of course I have my foot completely immobile so that helps.  After they unwrapped it and I just had a sock on I felt like my arch wasn't being supported like it has been for at least the last year.  So of course I put my SOLE insert into my boot and it has been feeling great.  

ALSO...big day, I know.  I went to REI to cash in my dividends check  (4 bucks baby) and use my 20% off to get another set of inserts for my new shoes.  I'm set up for the day I can start transitioning out of the boot.  

Do you love smoothies?

Which ones are your favorite?

Blog on...........

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