Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 2...

Today was pretty crappy.  I don't want to be negative but craptastic was pretty much the theme.  

I feel much better now that I had a bath.  

It gave me the chance to actually appreciate my tiny little old house tub and having long legs.  Is this the way I'm going to have to bathe for the next 2-3 weeks?  Well, at least I can stay fresh.  Fresh is good and fresh makes me less grumpy.

Plus my breakfast was insane it was so good.  Leftover beef stew with two eggs, over easy on top. 

I think it's impossible to keep the grumpy's away when your on your 4th hour of CTS.  CTS's are learning module's that I have to do for flight nursing.  While they are informative, we do the same ones every year.  It's how you feel when you go to skills day every day (if your in nursing) for forever.  Plus it teaches me about things like hypoxia.  Hypoxia?  I better know about that.  

So I did a little facebooking while I watched.

But I did learn how keeping fit is helping me with my job.



It's going OK.  I'm sticking to the foods I'm suppose to but I've eaten way too much of the nuts and dried fruits.  But that was just for about a day and a half and I'm cutting it back down now.  I made lots of stew and warming it up and serving it over lots of fresh spinach is amazing.  


It's fine.  It's better then I thought it would be.  It's difficult to lay with my foot up for so long, but that part is almost over.  I've started halving the one pain pill I was taking every 5 hours and I will probably be off all narcotics by tomorrow.  I'm not a big fan of them.  They give me night sweats, I can't sleep while I'm on them and well, that make everything STOP.  Constipation.  Yep, I said it.  So irritating.  

Kitchen Sink
It clogged up as it does about every 5 years.  I had an awesome company come out and he gave me a 50 dollar discount so I only had to pay about 285.00 to get it all cleaned out.  I mean really, I am growing money in the back yard!  But at least I was in town.

Great things did happen today (besides a bath).  I started watching Arrested Development last night and today I finally understood something that I just didn't get before!  

Team Never Nudes did a video that I watched and I just didn't get why they were called Never Nudes and wore jean shorts.  AHHHHHHHHH
Do you watch Arrested Development?
Start right now if you don't.  

Then you will understand and you will laugh.  If you don't are having a horrible day.

Overall I'm doing just fine.  I'm a little lonely.  I had a great friend call me last night and it made my day.  I've had multiple texts that have been helpful.  
I've watched 5 movies and have 3 to watch tonight.  I still have some homemade almond milk left and plenty of Kombuchi to keep me "regular". Plus a few more seasons of Arrested Development!  

Tomorrow I'll blow up my new stability ball and start some upper body work to keep things TIGHT!  I only have 6 more days of WHOLE30!!  This will be easy and I'm thinking of having one day off and to keep going.  Why not?  I love the food and it's great for me!  

This post is really all over the place, but so is my head.  Maybe it's the cute new jammies. 

Yeah, I'm bored and getting a decent picture with new jammies is a challenge.  

What is your favorite Netflix show?

I watched Mad Men and now Arrested Development.
I get worried about getting addicted to a show and spending too much time watching it.   It is nice to have something to watch when there is nothing else to do!

BLOG ON...........................


  1. I LOVE "Arrested Development"! Did you know they have new episodes starting in May? So exciting! Hope the foot continues to heal well and that you can keep finding ways to fend off the boredom and the grumps!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure I will be good and ready for new episodes by then.

  2. Check out Breaking Bad on netflix if you haven't already.

  3. I wish I could be you right now, just watching Arrested Development for the first time. We watched them like lightning. I love, love, love that show! If it wasn't for the foot junkiness, I would say this is the best time of your life.:) Will Arnett is in another Netflix show that you might like called Running Wilde. Not as funny as AD, but it has its moments.