Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That's a lot of days

Let's just make this very clear.  Laying around is not my "deal".  If I ever become a narcotic addict that just lays around and watches TV then you can safely assume my body has been taken over by aliens or even worse, I'm a zombie.  

I'm really not cranky, I'm just not comfortable.  My stomach hurts and I really want to get up and do stuff.  I did walk around Costco once and was able to re-supply my Avocado's (YUM!) and eggs (essential!).  I've moved to just ibuprofen, which has controlled the pain just fine with some ice and rest.  I'm also on my last set of new jammies. It's actually a nightgown.  Loving them.  

Biggest reason I want to stop taking narcotics/percocet.

Sorry, I just love this picture.   Hahaha
She does look distressed AND lady like.

We all know this!  Or do we?  OK, I'm sure there is a soul without a soul (just kidding) that has never been constipated.  If you have never then this is how it feels:

Luckily things are "moving" OK for me, but the slight case I had with the first 3 days of narcs set my happiness back 5 days at least.  How drug addicts do it, I have no idea.  Maybe I should start selling Colace on the down low....

Lets move (teehee) on to a better subject.  


I made this last night and had plenty of leftovers for today.

 Sweet potatoes and mushrooms
Hamburger, onions and peppers.  Of course I added Curry, it's my favorite spice right now.

This month has gone by pretty fast.  Sticking with the Whole30 is much easier when I am busy and can stand for long periods of time.  It does take a lot of prep but the hardest part is my snacking.  I'm laying around, watching movies and taking narcotics.  That is a trifecta for snacking.  I ate too many nuts, fruits and the worst was dried fruits.  They were so good and I love to snack.  I don't think it's fare to completely judge the month long challenge today but I'm glad I did it and will keep up until Sunday.  I enjoy the idea that most of the food I'm eating is organic and fresh, the one thing I don't like is the limit that I have with fruit and I have a hard time with snacks.  


My daughter came to visit me after work.  She rides her bike, I provided her with some reflective gear.  The vest is a classic from previous Ragnars.  Fits over lots of layers of warmth.

I also took lots of pictures of my messy room. Thank god for a king size bed.  Plenty of room for snacks, videos and clothes.

I'm thinking of painting my standing mirror to match the dresser.  I'm also not all the way done with decorating....or am I?

Do you snack more when your bored?

What is your favorite snack?
   Popcorn.  I could eat it for days.

Blog on...............

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  1. I had a bout of constipation after my ACL surgery 6 years ago. I made my brother go to the store and get me some milk of mag and senna tea. two doses and 6 hours into it, I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone and was like, "Uh oh... I got to GO!" I almost couldn't crutch myself into the bathroom fast enough. But I made it. Accident averted. Blog on, sister! I'm glad you are recovering well.