Thursday, March 7, 2013

Whole30 day 6 &7

The last two days have been....interesting.

Yesterday was a shitty day.  Hands down.  Most of it wasn't even related to my Whole30 challenge, but the great news is that I didn't have any problems staying on task with my food.  

I started at an EARLY morning meeting with my attorney.  EARLY!!  7am.  That is just crazy talk.  I packed up some food to eat because I knew I would be hungry and I didn't have enough time to eat before. 

The meeting was quick but I was glad to have my snacks.  I just ate the egg and some cucumbers, just enough to get me home.  
Which took a while.  

Then I had a conference call.  I kept alert by sipping some tea and Kombucha.  

I didn't do much cooking but I had taken some steaks out of the fridge.  I made a huge salad mix to take to work.  I also took some coconut flakes (unsweetened) and cashew pieces and roasted them up in coconut oil and cinnamon.   They are good, but next time I'll finish off with a little salt and roast them in the oven.  Speaking of salt.  I love Johnny's seasoning salt.  A lot!  Guess what.  The second ingredient is SUGAR!  OH man!

So I looked at the ingredients and mixed up my own little shaker full of delicious seasoning goodness.

My spoils of Day 6.

Then I grilled a few steaks for dinner so Daniel would have something to eat when he got home from work.

I ate my steak with a dollop of Sunshine Sauce mixed with Homemade Olive Oil Mayo and it was AMAZING!!

Last night we didn't fly but I spent an hour or so messing with the Night Vision Goggles.  We wear them for safety at night when flying the helicopter.  Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to wear them in the air yet!  So every time I work rotor I get them out and put them on.  Last night it was late so I went with the pilot out to the Helicopter and played with them while it was dark and I could turn them on.  It reminded me of the Geico commercial with the Antelope.


I couldn't sleep so I played with them a little bit in the middle of the night too.  Scandalous!!

So far day 7 is going fabulously.  I got up and ate a hard boiled egg, some cut up veggies and a half of an avocado.  I don't feel tired at all and I don't feel hungry.  Sometimes I still catch myself wanting to snack, but I think it's mostly just habit.  

Tonight I'll be cooking something to take to work up in Rock Springs tomorrow. 

What delicious morsel will it be?

I'm really diggin the Spicy Tuna Cakes!  

Blog on...........

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