Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whole30 Day 5 aka Spicy Shenanigan Day

Today was a great day.  It started out pretty crappy but luckily I had eaten a good breakfast before I started my day to give me the energy not to burst into tears, stomp my feet and yell stuff.

Leftover Fajitas and eggs.  

Later my friends Tera and Nicole were asking me about all this madness.  Nicole stated that I need to post each recipe, that I needed to make that happen.  Hahahaha.....I am just not that motivated!   Plus I think the books/apps that I'm getting the recipes from are amazing and worth a few bucks.  Seeing them started the upswing of my day.  I wasn't super tired, cranky or hungry today.  Decreased my cashew intact by bunches!

I cooked a couple of wonderful things this afternoon.
Set up my recipes and ingredients
I made something called "Emergency Meat" from the Nom Nom App.  It's just Curry, ground beef and cabbage.  I made double the recipe and stuck a bunch in the fridge to add to eggs and other veggies for the next couple of days.

My lunch was a huge helping of Emergency Meat with an entire avocado.  I sprinkle a little ras el hanout (a Moroccon blend of spices I put together last week) on everything and it was super delicious.  Even Sami liked it and she eats Mexican food and ramen noodles.

I also whipped up these Spice Tuna Cakes from the Nom Nom app. 

I didn't have time to do anything special when they were done cooking and I just stuck them in the fridge.  When I got home, Daniel mentioned to me they were amazing.  And they were amazing!  Even cold out of the fridge.  Better warmed up.  SO easy and so good!

Thumbs up for the Whole30 so far!  It's the end of day 5 and I'm feeling good and ready to keep going!  
Another reason that I may be feeling awesome today is that I got to spend some time with these fine folks.
My mom and my brother, Joe.  My dad was there too. 

We were at a Bank meeting for a bank my dad helped to build into the success it is today.  I'm very proud of him and he's so super smart!    My mom is amazing.  She has had heart problems this year and I was glad to see her doing better.  I don't get to see my brother Joe too much and it really is always nice to see him. I love how my parents are so proud of their kids and how much they love us.  We are lucky kids!  I can't help but be happy after spending time with the people that love and adore me most. 

My mom will even take a silly pic with us at a serious bank meeting!
Missing was 3 other brothers and a sister.  They were all at work. 

Tomorrow is day 6!  I don't have anything fancy planned to cook.  

What pictures will I post??   Do you want a picture of me meeting with my attorney?  Getting my eyelashes done?  Talking on a conference call?  Working a night shift in Payson with the chopper? 
Such a full day and so many good eats in the ice box!

Whole30 plan to succeed

Blog on.........................

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