Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What a week!  After the Boston tragedy I spent a lot of time glued to the TV watching every update.  I'm sure most of the country did.  It's been great to see how much support and love there is in the running community. 

It's been a big week and the best way to recap is through pictures!  (That last bit just raise your voice up like it's Oprah giving out prizes)

Saturday I had lots of friends running the Salt Lake Half and Full Marathon.  Mile 8 water station was within walking distance of my house so I decided to go at least feel the spirit of the race and support my friends.

I had lots of layers on PLUS a water proof jacket.  It just rained more and became colder as time went on.  

The first runners behind the motorcycle police.

Water station

One of the first runners to go by running the full marathon (the half marathoners turned at the light, marathoners went straight)  and he was wearing a Boston shirt.  It was awesome! 

That is all the pictures I took.  After that I put my phone away because the rain was so bad.  I also gave out "I run for Boston" bracelets my friend Jason had made.
I am still wearing mine.  I can't do a memorial run but wearing the bracelet makes me feel better.  

Salt Lake did an amazing job with security.  Bomb sniffing dogs, helicopters, policeman everywhere!!  I am always amazed at how much of a sacrifice our public servants make.  Not many of us have jobs where your odds of getting hurt/shot/run over/threatened are so high.  I even saw a couple of fireman go by in a ranger.  

Cheering on the runners really fueled my excitement and I LOVED seeing my friends run by.  I even saw my brother!  He wasn't going to run it but joined his friends last minute.  Just an all around great experience.  I missed a couple of people, which makes me sad, but I was surprised how hard it is to see every ones face as they run by, especially with hats!  I stood there until the race was 2:15 into it and then I had to go home.  I was freezing!  I gave up my gloves to my friend Nicole for her sister and was chilled to the bone!  It took a heated throw, a huge blanket and a couple of hours for me to warm up.

Bloggers I saw at the race.

I have never met him but yelled his name and high-fived!

Met her very briefly last year at Wasatch Back.  Accidently yelled Rachel...oops.  She was running super fast!

Met at the Scott Jurek meet and greet and she actually yelled my name so I saw her!

So awesome.  I love the friends I've made online!  

Naturally I took pics of my more memorable meals.

Back into the Paleo mode I made a delicious breakfast with bacon, eggs, avocado and tons of veggies!

I also tried making Cauliflower "fried rice".  I had been looking at the recipe for a while but just had not made it.  It was very good, but it doesn't taste like fried rice.  I would make it again, it's a great addition to pot roast and avocado.

Hehehe.  No, I didn't eat one of these.  They were in the EMS lounge in Denver when I went on a flight.  Last thing I need to do is eat something like that and then get on an airplane.  Toot!  Toot! 


Had a chance to see a Hyperbaric chamber and learn a little bit about CO poisoning. Crazy how much I learn at work every transport!

US Customs and their black SUV's with tinted windows.  
Who knew?

Our airplane next to another medical airplane.  
I'd like to say it's a little showy, red and shiny.  If you see it, wave!

Best thing about fixed wing flights?  Taking a nap on the way home after dropping off the patient.  This time it was a sunshine nap and it was spectacular! 

I take pictures with my iPhone, I don't really have another camera thanks to gravity.  I was trying to be artsy.  I think I love it!  I  may have this printed up and framed and hang it in my office. 

Sometimes our plane looks pinkish. It's my main office. My job is really awesome.


Drove home from work and noticed all the windmills in Wyoming were barely moving.  Very rare for that great state of wind.

That's about it.  I'm completely out of the boot and I'm starting to plan my running schedule.  Slow and steady....

How was your week?

Blog on...........


  1. It was fun to see your familiar face there on Saturday! It was kind of a last second look I made over to the side of the street, so I feel lucky that I recognized you through all the rain and people running. I'm glad you got to see Josh too. He is a fun person to hang out with.

  2. Glad to see you went out to cheer folks on anyway and congrats on being out of the boot!