Friday, April 26, 2013

Most Excellent

Yesterday I was able to pick up an OT Rotor shift.  

We sat around and I did some studying and I was chillaxin on the recliner when BOOM...we got a scene call!  

The entire way there and while trying to land my heart was racing!  I really wanted this but I was so nervous.  My medic was great and I had prepared myself for this day for months.  Luckily while in the helicopter I have to concentrate on looking out, safety and landing, so I didn't have time to get too scared.

Well the call happened and I was able to use some skills that I had been practicing and studying but had never used in that setting.  

Picture of the GlideScope that morning during our morning equipment check. It is a visual laryngoscope so we see on the screen where to put the breathing tube instead of cranking the mouth open and trying to look inside.   I went through our scene bag just to make sure I knew where stuff was.

The pilot took this picture while we were working on the patient.

We finished the call and I think we did pretty darn great.

When I got home late, not even a dog met me at the door. I found them downstairs sleeping with Daniel.  Even when I went down there and kissed Daniel good night they stayed there.  

Needless to say all that adrenaline took it's toll on me the next day. 

I still managed to get up and get going.   It was my last day in the gym walking on the treadmill.  I walked a very brisk 1 mile with no pain!  Yippee!

After I went to REI (sports store) and found a new flavor of NUUN.

Watermelon.  NUM!

One of my pilates teachers showed my some band exercises I could do with my foot and I've been trying to do them every day to get my foot and ankle strong. I really like working out with.

I am giving my foot every chance to get me running again.
I've come up with a running plan and hope that I will be running an hour within 5-6 weeks.   

Maybe this will even becoming a REAL running blog again!

Do you like working out with bands?

How do you find your best training or rehab plans?

Blog on............

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