Friday, April 12, 2013

Post op week 3

Yesterday I went to the Podiatrist for follow up.  We are both very pleased with my results so far.  I'm adding a half hour a day every day in shoes and out of the boot.  I wear the night splint all night.  Saturday is 5 hours in the shoes!  I've been working in the SICU and so I wear the boot there.  But when I come home I put on my shoes.  Tomorrow I work a rotor shift and I'll wear my boots unless I'm resting and I'll throw on my boot or splint.  I haven't decided.  

Running - 
I will add a half hour a day until I'm pretty much out of the boot for the day and then I have to get to walking a mile without pain.  When I can power walk a mile without pain then I can slowly start running.  It will be about 2  more weeks.

Pain - 
Miraculously the plantar fasciitis pain is gone.  When I step down after sitting or laying down for a while, no pain.  That is amazing.  I still have some numbness that I had before the procedure and a little pain on the outside of  my foot.  The pain on the outside of my foot was there before but I didn't pay much attention to it because everything else hurt so much.  I'm going to adjust my SOLE inserts so that I have a little relief on that side.  I do have a little aching after being on my feet all day in the SICU on concrete.  I just have to elevate it and it goes away.

I'm going back to the podiatrist in 30 days.  He is watching me carefully because it's a new procedure and he wants monitor any success or failure of it.  I am also suppose to call him if I have any problems whatsoever.

Das Boot ala shoe cover
Resting on a chair in the ICU. 

I haven't taken many pictures or have much going on in the last week.  It's nice but boring.  Lots of things going on and lots of working.

I have continued to eat very clean and tried a few new recipes that are delicious!  Mostly Whole30 with a little Almond milk ice cream mixed in. 


Work - I did get a job in another hospital in town working in their ICU.  Only one day a week and maybe more.  It will be guaranteed and I think it will help the stress of making sure I have enough money.  I have been super lucky this week to put in almost 2 shifts in my favorite ICU with my friends.  

Refinancing, paperwork, taxes,  

Karen Walker explains why I'm not too interested in delving into the details.

I really want to run!  Guess I'll hobble on over to the gym again tomorrow and put some time in on the bike.  Patience is a virtue, I should try it!  I'm still reading Chi Running and working on a plan back to pounding the pavement.  Next week I'm hoping to pick up some Pilates classes!  

Blog on..............


  1. Do share! What are the new recipes you tried? I'm always looking for something new to try!

    1. I'm working on a post that has either links or the recipes. For ideas I had the recipe book, "well fed" and the iPad app "Nom Nom Paleo"
      Hopefully have that up in the next week!

  2. Glad to hear you are healing well. Hang in there, soon enough you will be running!