Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hot Mess

Looked up "hot mess" so there would be no confusion as to what I am referring to.  

Thanks Urban Dictionary.
hot mess 

It seems that I have over scheduled myself like a boss.  My home, car and myself have officially become a "Hot Mess".  I'm spending most ....ok ALL of the day in bed getting some much needed rest after 2 night shifts and little sleep.  Why after surgery I was so hateful of laying around I don't know.  But I really do know because if I wasn't this exhausted I would be OUT.  It's beautiful outside.  


I don't regret being this busy and my job(s) have provided me the opportunity to have fun, laugh, learn, get pissed, frustrated and still provide for my family!  I run in and out of the house, packing and re-packing my bags according to what job I'm running too, changing clothes and throwing them on the bed.  I did get laundry done!  

My shift this week in Rock Springs had me flying for the most part of 24 hours and I was up for 28 hours.  Then a night shift at St. Marks, where the girl that I trained at the U, trained me.  Last night was a night shift here in SLC.  It was so much fun.  We did a medical standby at the Raceway with the Helicopter then flew in the fixed wing to Idaho.  Throughout the night I helped to off load a few patients that flew into our facility by other flight programs and hung out in the ER with a fellow flight nurse that was working there, Deb.  

Last night I saw way too many people transported to the hospital because of booze.  I can't throw any stones but it does make for some hilarious situations.  So nice to hang out with some friends (who don't think I'm an idiot - thanks surgeon at new job) laugh and also be able to help some people.  

So life is great! There has been so many changes in the last 6 months that it's been a little hard to feel comfortable in one certain roll.  I have my breakdowns which are more like "pissyfests" that I get over and actually learn from them.  I learn to treat people with more respect, be grateful for the people that are my friends and colleages and to be especially THRILLED with the fact that I can work this hard. My flight nurse job has it's challenges and frustrations but when I'm doing the actual work it is amazing!  Every patient comes with it's challenges and every experience still has me thrilled.  Some of the things I do just make me giggle.....because I'm getting paid!  Working at another ICU is so far so good.  There is always growing pains at a new job.  Nurses tend to want others to prove themselves by actions and not resumes.  I'm pretty sure I can do that! 

Although I really need to commit to a few days of rearranging and painting, my house is really a warm place for me to recharge and relax.  Some days it's not for very long, but I love it!  

My kids have been supportive and are busy learning about what being an adult is like.  I miss them being young and dependent sometimes, but I love seeing them EVERY time and get a smooch on their faces.  

My foot is doing great, except my flight boots are really bothering my Peroneal nerve/tendon.  I am going to shop for some new ones this week.  I have rested my foot since my 5K.  I do get a little discouraged, but the PF is basically pain free and it's just going to take time.  I miss running with my friends, but hey, it gives me time to work.  A lot! 

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  1. Resting after surgery sucks, but you probably needed the rest obviously.