Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just things, running and stuff

It's been a really odd month.  Ever had one of those?  Nothing really to explain just blah.

This month did include some serious bread.  The off duty nurse, Jen, went on a bread making kick and I woke up from my safety nap to this.  I had one of the little pretzels and it was amazing.  She made some sort of sweet bread.  The next morning when my medic and I got back from a call she had french toast ready for us.  So delicious, I couldn't say no. 

When I had my braces I found these gems.  I haven't been able to wean myself off them.  Excellent dental health is important!

I taped my foot.  After pilates one night I had this pain above the bone on the outside of my ankle.  I know that I overdid it on a couple of moves and I wanted to support the ankle a little while it strenthens.  All my pain and soreness is associated with the peroneal nerve and tendons, which were not associated with the surgery.  I am just more aware of the soreness without the extreme pain from my other foot problems.  I taped it for peroneal tendonitis and it seems to be helping a lot.  That and ice/rest.

I watch a Nova show called "Marathon Challenge".  It you can find it, watch it.  It's especially moving after all the Boston stuff.  One of the tests they did on the runners included a V02max test.  Now I want one.  I think it would be fun and interesting.  In the show all the runners showed improvement within just a few weeks of starting their running plan.  The UofU Pulmonary Services will test for 80 bucks.  I'm going to start saving my pennies!

A couple of awesome runs at the park.  I was getting ready for the Idaho Famous Potato 5K (which I already blogged about).  Beautiful weather and lots of people out enjoying the spring.  I love it!

My son and I have decided we have a problem.  30 bucks a week in nuts (Dry roasted/salted) and we go through them worse then candy.  Guess I'm going to have to wean myself off of them a little.  They are just so delicious!  Dang you Whole Foods!

I spent last week in orientation for my part-time job in an ICU at a hospital close to my house.  (St. Marks)  Unfortunately I don't do well in classroom situations and ended up eating too much dark chocolate Dove bars.  At least they had some life lessons inside.

Or just plain creepy information!

So as you can see, pretty lame.  I spend a lot of time in bed reading, studying or watching TV.  Jammies at 6pm?  Yes please! 

Do you have days when you can only think about when you can get in your jammies?

Blog on............


  1. Almost every day is a day I can't wait for my fact, I often start thinking about putting them back on when I'm only just taking them off for the day! The VO2 max testing is really cool - we have a clinic here that does it and so many people in our rub club have done it. Takes a lot of discipline to follow the plan because often you have to go slower before getting faster but it all makes so much sense, I'd love to do it too...

  2. They have VO2 Max testing at Peak Fitness at the U of U (HPER, lower campus by Huntsman Arena) ~ is that where you checked? I think it's about the same price, but they have it for running as well as biking, so maybe you would rather do the treadmill one.

  3. Hope your ankle is feeling better by now. I rented the movie on Netflix and thought it was really good!