Friday, May 3, 2013

Salt Lake City from the top

For all the work I put into being a flight nurse I get about 10 minutes a month of pure excitement and thrill that pretty much follows me through to the next time.  This last week had at least 3 or 4 so I'm pretty sure I'm done for a while.

Hard to tell but that is my left leg and you can see my foot in the red.  There is a black sun cover over my lower legs.  This is how cool SHOTGUN is in the EC-145.  Airmed's new helicopter.  It took me 4 months to finally get a flight in it and in one week I flew a lot!

That half circle building is the Salt Lake City Library.
The building being built is a new building for the Salt Lake City Police department.

On the left is the Gallivan Center (Utah's first outdoor mall) and the big building on the right is the Delta Center or whatever it's called now.  It's where the Utah Jazz plays.
CORRECTION:  It's the Gateway Mall.  Thanks Susan for the correction! I really don't spend much time downtown.

Looking up State street to the Utah State Capital

Salt Lake International Airport

The University of Utah's Rice Eccles stadium.  They are cleaning up from the Motor Cross.

We had a long ride to the west desert.  Despite what you would think, after about 30 minutes in a vibrating helicopter, strapped in not so comfortable seats and a sweaty helmet on, it can get uncomfortable.  I am not complaining!

I-80 and lots of salt.

Beautiful day, blue skies, fluffy clouds.  

Cool mountain range somewhere in the large Great Salt Lake.

A beautiful picture of the Great Salt Lake.  Almost impossible to appreciate how big it is unless your flying over it.  A lake I grew up next too and it still a huge mystery.

Love it!

Cool pilot in the background.  I tried to blur him out a little because I didn't ask him if I could post a picture of him.  But let's be realistic.  How hard would it be to figure out who it is?  Let's just say this.  He is awesome and I love working with him.  I feel safe, he's got a great sense of humor and he's one of those awesome co-workers that doesn't make you feel silly for asking questions - which I do, because he's really smart.

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  1. So cool, love all those pictures! I shared your blog with a friend if mine, she is into healthy eating and her daughter wants to be a flight nurse!