Friday, June 7, 2013

Back to my regularly scheduled life.

 It's summer!

This is what happens when your plane sits in the sun and we forgot to pull down the shades.  Hot as Haites!!!  I may or may not have been whining at this point.  Luckily it was a non patient leg of a transport.  Also, super lucky, the airplane has some great A/C!   

Work has been super busy.  Not just the actually hours I put in but the extra training and stuff involved with being a flight nurse.  My second job is going great and I don't have anymore "after work hours" stuff to do.  Being a nurse is a blast, but the continuing education can be over whelming.  With that, I'm done with excuses and whining.  I love working hard and even though my blog suffers, I don't!  

Plus the running....

A quick 3 mile run in Rock Springs.  Getting ready for the Wasatch Back in a couple of weeks and running at a higher elevation.  My pilot made fun of me in this outfit.  He was sure I couldn't be seen....haha

Here is my new brace.  

The only pain I have now is around the Peroneal nerve.  

I'm not sure that I have tendonitis there but I wouldn't be surprised.  
My foot hurts the worse when I am in my flight boots. I looked everywhere for flight boots that may help but they are so expensive and there is no guarantee the pain would be better.  So I bought the brace and it fits nicely in my flight boots and so far so good.  My foot aches when I'm on it all day but the PF part of my pain is still pretty much gone since the surgery.  

Just still taking it slow on my runs and working on form.  It's not very exciting and I can't wait to get back to higher miles.  I just pimped all my friends into running and now they are running like crazy and I hate missing out!

In the meantime, I'm trying out this cleanse.
Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse One-Sheet
Here is a review (not mine).

It took a while to find a week when I had 3 days that I thought would work but I've started today.  My expectations are not to loose ton's of weight or anything (it's only 3 days!) but to get rid of this weird feeling of fullness.  I know I snack too much even though I eat healthy 90% of the time. 

THEN..just before I started.  My Magic Bullet bit the dust.  It had put in some good time so I wasn't too heartbroken.  I replaced Mr. MB toot sweet!


How can I pass on that?  The new one has the bigger smoothie glasses with sipping tops.  It also has the bigger blender attachment. 

Its the small things.........

What is your favorite recent purchase?

Blog on............


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  2. LOve the orange shirt and shoes! My favorite recent purchase is the GArmin Forerunner 410 - loving it!