Sunday, July 21, 2013

Independence day Lava

I wasn't in hot lava I was in Lava, Idaho!  I drove up to visit my friend Kelly that lives there.  Six months ago it was going to be a big friend festivus but the only one that ended up going was me.  It worked out awesome because I have a great time hanging out with Kelly!

Cool clouds on the way to Idaho.

We went to Soda Springs for breakfast and it was delicious.  Then we checked out Soda Springs. 
There wasn't beer.
And it seems to me that Pioneers didn't drink beer.  OR maybe they did!

 Good times!  Lots of laughing!

The sky is so blue and it was so beautiful.

The next day we went up to her families property above Lava.  It was a beautiful day!

 We found a Heli-port!    Well, we found the sign.
 We walked around and saw some great view and one flat spot so I'm not sure exactly where the heli-port is.  Good to know though!

And the weather was perfect too.

I also had bread.  All of it.  With homemade jam.  My stomach hurt so bad the next day but it was damn delicious!

She has a dog named Alby.  He's a mix breed rescue that is so sweet.  He would lay his head on my lap and liked to sleep next to my bed.  Loved it!

We didn't go down the river.  I didn't feel good the first day and then it was so crowded for the 4th.  I'm planning on going up again and hittin the water!

We did watch some kids go down.  Very entertaining.

It was really a fun time!  It was great to be away on a vacation and Kelly is really the hostess with the mostest!

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