Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You haven't carpooled..........

Until you've carpooled with Jay. 

Its no secret that my life has been a lot more work then running or socializing. Luckily I LOVE my job and get to work with some amazing people.  Saturday I was able to do my first shift at St. Marks on my own.  I was able to work with a nurse that I know and really enjoyed my day.  Took care of some sweet patients and even admitted a really sick one.  

The next day I found myself at the U doing a rotor shift.  
Beautiful, if not hot, day to fly.  That is a little air conditioner that pumps cool air into the helicopter to keep it and everything in it from melting.  (well, not really melting)

We actually had a flight....and we rocked that flight!  I worked with one of the medics I've worked with a lot and we get along really well.  He's super smart and so good looking in his flight suit that I'm pretty sure that my hotness score increases just standing by him.

Going through the helicopter.  We double checked everything. 
Proof that when I wear my helmet I look like I should star in "Spaceballs".  I'm actually getting a smaller one.

Because I was working at the University I was able to go visit my Jen Q. 

My medic and I also had the chance to do some IV starts and meet some cool people.  We visited a couple of the pediatric patients in the hospital and they just warmed my heart.  One of the kids just glowed when we walked in.  He smiled so big!  His dad said he hadn't smiled since arriving.  I don't take myself too seriously and I know that the flight suits and just the idea that we fly in a helicopter is fascinating to kids.  But I walked away from that experience getting more from it then that cute little guy ever could.  So thankful that I can do things like that.  

Yesterday I went to Rock Springs.  I try and car pool with the medic on that day.  It's much more fun to hang out and we save in gas and can keep each other awake.  So that's how I ended up carpooling with Jay.  

He's like hanging out with a your fun little brother. 

The ride up was fine and although we didn't fly we both had so much work to do and so many projects/meetings for work that we didn't hardly see each other.  But on the way home, since we got a great nights sleep, we decided to stop and see the windmills.  

Then Jay decided that laying down to take a picture would be the only way to get a me and a picture of the windmill that we choose to get close to.



My favorite picture.  I'm so artsy.

I have the next few days off and I'm pretty excited about it!  Planning on recapping my 4th of July weekend shenanigans and the Wasatch Back Ragnar 2013!   I'm also hoping to run in the morning.  Yes!

How do you get along with your co-workers?

Blog on..................


  1. All I have to say about my co workers is this... If my life depended on them, I would be dead! Blog on friend!

  2. Can't get enough of your work pictures... the big helmet is fun!!!