Saturday, July 6, 2013

Physical Therapy & the Trail!

Last week I started going to physical therapy.

My first visit revealed that I still cross my feet in front of each other.  My hips are pretty tight, but I need to kick my feet up in the back a little higher and move my right toe out just a smidgen.  Apparently I started bringing it in when the pain in my foot started last year and I made it part of my form.  I'm leaning in good and my cadence is great.  YES!!  Another non running issue I have that's affecting my running is my hips are off.  I have an exercise to help this and a few other exercises to keep strength in my hips.  

If your in Utah and interested in a great running clinic with Laura, it's located at the University Orthopaedic Center.  She has all kinds of special treadmill and camera to analyze your form and I feel like she is very knowledgeable.

Although I didn't get a whole lotta time to do the exercises in one week I did do some and did a follow up with her last Wednesday.  She also worked on me with this set of tools:
All along my right calf, foot and ankle.  I was nervous and it did hurt but after it felt AMAZING!  Then I ran on the treadmill after a couple of exercises and I was running so much better.  I'm super excited!  I wanted to run that day.  Unfortunately I had rushed over there after a night shift so that wasn't going to happen.  

Thursday morning I got up early and went to Corner Canyon to give it another run through.  At first I still felt super tired.  I could have been a little dehydrated from all the night shift work and not enough fluids, but I managed to hike up the 3 miles at a pretty good speed and even ran in 1 minute increments when I got to some spots that were not as steep.  

My attempt at the Adrian bun.  You will see that when I finish putting together my Ragnar posts.  I think I need a "bun stuffer".

I love this spot.  I picture an evening hike ending with a cuddle/makeout session as the sun sets.  Or just a couple of friends watching the sunset after a hike.  Who knows what my future holds.

A beautiful view!

At the top there is a picnic bench, a bike fixing thingy, a map and its a central place to at least 4 trails that I know of.  I love getting up there and I usually take a few minutes to breath in the wonderful air and look around.  This day I watched my "office" fly over a couple of times. I also saw lots of lots of bikers and just a couple of runners. 

On the way down I attempted to take some pics as I ran.  I didn't trip and die and I got a couple of great shots.  I love running up where it's a little cooler.  This day it wasn't too hot but it was super humid for Utah.  I was soaking and I actually ran out of water at the last mile mark.  It was an easy run down to my car and I felt fine.

Last summer when I was running so much I always had half frozen bottles of water in the freezer to fill up with water and leave in the car for when I was done.  Well, I was smart enough to do it for this run!  

My empty handheld and my super cold refreshing bottle of water waiting for me at my car.  I don't think water has ever tasted that great.  

The greatest thing of all is my foot felt pretty good!  Using all the feedback from my physical therapist I could feel a difference.  It was awesome!  I can't wait to run again!  

Here is a couple of pics of exercises the PT gave me to keep my hips strong:

Move of the Day: Clamshell with Mini Band
Targets: thighs, hips, butt
Time to take that clamshell to the next level!
1. Lie on your side in fetal position and rest on your elbow. Wrap the band above your knees.
2. Open and close your knees as if you were a talking clamshell. Keep your heels together at all times.
3. Squeeze your butt and hold for a sec when knees are apart to maximize the workout.
Try 30 each side for a crazy clamshell burn. If you don’t have a mini band, perform them without, but do higher reps. Have fun!
Source: Self Magazine August 2011

I do both heels and then one heel at a time.

I also do Bucket Kickers - which I can't find a picture of.  They get me pretty tired and I realize that even with all the exercise I do it's not nearly enough to keep my core tight.  

In other news. 

I am still working on collecting all the pictures I want for the Ragnar posts.  I do have the "overheard" pretty much collected but I like to post that after pictures and stories!

Have a wonderful weekend?  Any races?

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  1. I do heel raises while I stand at the copy machine, waiting for my copies at work. Wonder who I can incorporate the hip ones... Love your blog.

  2. LOVE the views of this trail!! Yeah for feeling better when you are running, sounds like a great running clinic!!