Sunday, September 15, 2013

Park City Trail Half Marathon Recap

Despite the rain and mud I decided I was going to run 13 miles Saturday whether it was at this half marathon or somewhere else.  I choose the half marathon for the challenge.  My first half since last year and my first trail race.

Right away it became very clear I was undertrained.

Up early to get a parking space.  I didn't know anyone running so there was no carpooling.  I got a great spot close to the start and was able to get my stuff AND take a short nap.

The weather was moist (hehe) but not raining.  I really struggled on what to wear.  I ended up wearing my shorts with a tank and then a long sleeve over it all.  The long sleeve came off pretty quick but it's a lightweight shirt and easily ties around my waist.

Pretty misty

After the first loop.  Looking one way.

Then the other.  

and at myself!  haha
The great thing about being extra slow is that the crowd thins out nicely.  

Closer into the single track area.

Not a bad view

Trail was mostly dry but had some pretty gnarly mud areas and rocky areas.

Done!  Had to ask some guy to take my picture. 


I knew that I hadn't trained enough.  I had my long runs but didn't get in any speed work or tempo runs.  I was slacking on my PT exercises and I have gained a few pounds.  Add that to running my first trail race and my goal turned to slow and steady with a finish.

The slow and steady turned out to be a requirement for finish, not a choice.  The first half mile is uphill and it hurts.  Maybe I should have warmed up better.  I was walking within 3 minutes of the start up that damn hill.  I had a few miles of feeling great and running steady but I ended up walking most of the hills.  I felt pretty good between miles 2-9 and at 10 I was pretty sure that the miles were taking forever.  I fueled nicely.  They had some energy chews and nuun at the stations.  I took the chews twice plus I had one Honey Stinger goo right at mile 7.  I took my handheld because there were so many water stations I knew I didn't need to worry as much about water. 

I trickled in at a pathetic 2:55 - according to my Garmin but the finish time was closer to 2:49.  I saw it at the finish printout but I can't find the exact time today on the internet.

I still got this sweet medal.
I love the little footprints.

I'm sure you will see that my faster times coordinate with the downhills.  Look at that first hill!

Miles 10 was the mile that I questioned all my lifes choices up to this point.  Did I really need to finish?
Yes, or I would be stuck in the mountains alone.

Yes, the course was long.  They told us it was.  Although I was told it was that .20 takes FOREVER!

I'll take it!!  First trail race, first long race after my surgery and my lack of interest in just about everything and yet I still finished.  My foot doesn't feel any worse for wear either!  It's a little sore this morning, but it always is.  I'm a little exhausted 24 hours after, but I plan another day of hydration and maybe I'll jump to the gym for some easy elliptical.

I've put together a better plan to train and get to the point I was before the surgery.  Yeah, it's a pain sometimes but racing and feeling so bad feels worse.

What do you do about those runs that are just crappy?

Motivation?  Where do I find it?

Blog on..............


  1. Great job! 13 min-mi is not all that slow for trail running. And you're supposed to walk the uphills. Especially as the races get longer. You did awesome!

    As far as "crappy" runs, I try not to dwell on them. They happen. And if I can make it through a crappy run and still feel relatively ok, it's helping me to build on my weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and become a stronger runner and person in general.

    I find motivation in running with my dogs. Watching them run and frolic, and always smiling. That's what helps me get out there when I sometimes don't want to.

  2. I'm so proud of you! What a wonderful tale of your journey. And I am impressed that you wear earrings, dangly ones, one your half marathons!!! Bad Ass Woman you are!

    1. I don't even feel those earrings. I'm always on the prowl for earrings that make me look like I care and yet don't bother me. hehe

  3. The crappy ones help us appreciate the good ones. How awesome to get to run! And in a beautiful place :) thanks for stopping over and leaving a's nice to see new faces :)

  4. First trail race! Woohoo! That is so exciting! And you handled it like a pro. I'm always hiking the hills in my trail races. It's a smart strategy to help you go the distance.