Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did you see that truck?

I feel like the cat.....and that the truck is bigger.

Cat gets run over by a truck

I have to confess.  Tumblr and Gif's are my favorite source of entertainment.  If I could, I would spend my entire day watching cats do funny stuff like riding a Roomba vacuum, slapping and knocking stuff off. 


After my awesome hill and long run I made sure and stretched my hip out and went for an easy run at a local parkway.  The weather was cool and beautiful!

I choose the parkway so that I wasn't on the road and the way I'm always running on a slope.  I made it about 4 steps and my hip went "OUCH!".  WTH??   I stopped and stretched, checked my form and then finished the run.  My hip was sore for most of the time.  I was so bummed.  If not for my hip the run felt amazing!  I could run forever!  It wasn't the fastest run but I finally feel like I'm in touch with my form and breathing.  

SO...I am taking a break.  I am doing my PT exercises as much as I can between work.  I've iced it and I've rolled it, over and over again.  I tried to see what it could be and it hurts on the outside so they say it's bursitis?  Really?  another itis?  Can't I just get a stress fracture?  I didn't mean that!

Because I've been working so hard I haven't been keeping my core as strong as I usually do.  Plus my diet has been one awful choice after another.  I think that goes with working a lot too.  So last week I increased the amount of time I spend on my core and this week I'm blasting back to my Paleo lifestyle.

While I was eating Paleo I had a lot less aches, pains and GI issues.  Last year when I was eating Paleo and doing some sort of core class at least twice a week I was in the best shape ever.  I want to feel that way again.  I've got to figure out a way to work as much as I need to and balance it with exercise.  It always helps to look through my recipes and books and get some fresh ideas for meals on the go.

Speaking of a well deserved treat:

I got this after a long long flight.  Seriously it was worth it.  A treat once in a while, but I can think of healthier choices.  Yesterday I made a vanilla protein smoothie with vanilla protein powder, frozen mango, almond milk, vanilla extract and ice.  After it was nice and smooth I added a few chips of dark chocolate and pulsed a couple of time.  It was a pretty good treat! 


Oh work.  I love my job like you wouldn't believe.  I'm the happiest, saddest, maddest and most frustrated that I ever get when I'm there.  I have the greatest experiences mixed with scary and sad.  What more can you ask for?  

Filming with the U's PR department.  My patient is awfully smiley and he didn't even get drugs.  It was fun, not very realistic, but fun.  Usually when we are unloading a patient and walking toward the elevator I'm juggling papers, meds and equipment.  

Last Fridays shift I decided to get stuff out to practice.  Most of my job is practice, practice, practice in hopes that you will be able to think clearly and methodically on scene.  We did some video intubation's and manual.  I dug out the infant head to practice since I've had a few critical pediatric flights in the last few months.  Our NICU flight nurse Julie joined us for some teaching and oh boy did she teach me a lot!  Big thanks to her help!  I can now tape a pediatric ET tube and it isn't going ANYWHERE!  She also gave some tips on packaging, safety with infants and general care. 

My next two flights that day were pediatric.  
BOOM.  I didn't throw up or anything!

After 2 flights in the first 12 hours of a 24 hour shift I decided to relax and watch a movie with the team.  Well, the OB/Neonate team left on a flight so I watched it while my medic worked.  Hehe 
I finally went to bed.  Now lets keep in mind that I already tried to take two safety naps that day and each time I just got to sleep we got a call.  No different here.  I fell asleep and next thing I know that pilot was banging on the door...."let's go, we got a flight"!  

Flight was done, then I charted.  When I laid down I couldn't sleep.  I finally napped about 2 hours.  

(I'm setting up "why I feel like I was run over by a truck")

Still dark at 6:30am when I went up to get my stuff out.  Look at that full moon.  Now it all makes sense. 

I went home and I had signed up to volunteer at the Antelope Island 50K/100K.  So I packed up my car and headed out!  I thought it would only take about 45 minutes to get there, but it turned out to be about 90 minutes.  Lesson learned:  Don't ask a helicopter pilot how long it takes to get anywhere.  

When I got out there I ran into this guy!
My brother Joe.
He came in FIRST in the 50K!  I missed it by about 30 minutes and I only knew by overhearing someone else say it.  WOW!  Animal!  This was only his second 50K.  That's crazy.

I spent a few hours talking to him and helping with blisters and questions.  Then things slowed down and I sat in my camping chair just cheering everyone in.  After sitting in the sun for about 6 hours (even though it was cool)  I had to leave.  I was up 36 hours and I was worried about getting home.  


These guys are HUGE!  My brother told me that a buffalo ran onto the trail and ran in front of him and another guy running for a while.  He said, "the buffalo paced us".  So true, you do what the buffalo wants you to do.  

I've never been to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. It was beautiful.  It would be a blast to run out there.  Thinking.......

I took all these pics from the car.  Lazy.  Tired. 

That's my week in a nutshell.  I slept good last night and I've spent the day so far in bed.  YES!  Trying to rehydrate and rest so I can work another shift tomorrow!

How long have you ever stayed awake?

Unfortunately, as a nurse this isn't the first time I've been awake over 36 hours at a time. After about 40 hours the body gets all sassy and decides that you are up for a while longer.  It's an interesting feeling.  I try not to do it very often anymore.

Any ultra lovers?

Blog on...............


  1. I've seen people doing long runs at Antelope Island. It looks like it would be really pleasant and you can control the elevation with their variety of trails.

  2. So glad you made it out to the Island to volunteer. I was there too, just at the remote aid-station, so I'm sorry I missed you! I'm thinking about getting a parks pass for the winter, to do some running out there. I'll let you know when I'm going to go, and hopefully you can join me. It's super-hero trail running out there. You will love it :)

  3. Ouch hip-bursitis, has this on both sides after my marathon. I stopped running and got ART (Active Release Therapy once a week) and after 6-8 weeks I was back again. Try to rest for a few weeks, if you keep running you might just prolong the healing process. Foam Rolling and Epson Salt baths are a great way to speed up recovery. Good luck!

  4. I know your brother! He works with me!! Such a small world. And he is INCREDIBLY fast. I'm jealous every day!

    Also, your job sounds crazy exciting and rewarding and horrible all at the same time. I couldn't do the flights with the babies.

    1. That's cool! I'm so proud of him. I'm still waiting for some sort of genetic power to kick in and I'll suddenly drop to 6 min/miles. I am 7 years older....gasp! My job is amazing but it's not for everyone. When I'm in the middle of a crazy flight I sometimes feel like its a giant mistake!