Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hill work and going long.

Two great runs this week.  A hill run up East Canyon and a long run.

I've ran East Canyon before. HERE, HERE and a race HERE

I love trail running, but my next two relays are not in the mountains and taking it to the streets really helps when racing on the streets.  I decided to go back to the hill that I really like running.  It's quite a challenge and I can see my progress. 

Well, I am much slower then I was a year ago but still happy with my progress in running in general.  I was able to maintain a slow pace without my heart rate shooting up for 5 minutes and then walk for one minute.  

It was a learning run with a summary of the "Road to Zion" at the top.  The view was great too!  

Top of Utah shirt and top of the hill. 
Can I plan my wardrobe or what?
I sure can't wait to get some new prescription sunglasses.  Those are so old and they are difficult to run in.  I just wasn't in the mood to put in my contacts.  How lazy is that?

Very beautiful run, nice and cool and I missed the rain storms.  

The hill run was on the 7th and on the 9th I ran a long slow run.
True, it's taken me three days to put together this blog post.  The only reason I'm writing it now is because my 2nd job put me on call.
Good?  Bad?  I can't tell yet.  I like to work.

Long Slow Run

I usually include my cool down walk on my Garmin so that I can suck as many calories out of my run as possible.  I know you do that too!  The average pace for the 10 miles was 11 min/miles.  A perfect long slow run for me.

I left my house and ran through the neighborhoods up and down many streets like this one.  Quiet, shaded and beautiful.

I chose to put in my contacts for the long run and wear my Oakley's.  I'm not a big fan of them either.  I liked them when I first bought them but now, not so much.  I should quit whining...I mean, I have a pair of Oakley's. 

This run was AMAZING!  I felt great.  It was one of those runs that you feel you are just going along at an easy pace and could maintain it for miles and miles!  It was nice and cool.  Perfect.  I'm feeling very good about my foot and the way my running is coming along.  

The only problem I had on the long run was my left hip. It started to get sore.  It didn't last long and after my ice bath it had resolved.  I know it's because I haven't been doing my physical therapy exercises like I should be.  I also haven't been able to go to Pilates either.  So I have re-committed myself to my PT exercises and keeping my core strong.  I would hate to hurt myself after such a long, complicated and ongoing recovery.

I did wear my favorite Saucony's.
I forget how much I LOVE them until it's their turn in the rotation and I put them on and POW! Over 120 miles on them so far.  

Fall is amazing!

What is your favorite time of year to run?

Anyone running any relays soon?

Blog on......................

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  1. Beautiful scenery!! Fall is my favorite time to run and I start missing running. it's so pretty outside!