Monday, November 11, 2013

Good news. Bad News. Either Or.

 Today I started out my day thinking I had plenty of time to recap my weekend race.  

Good News:  It was a great race and I had a blast.
Bad News:  I didn't take too many pictures.

My triple medal fuzzy picture.

Good News:  I had enough pics to do a decent recap.
Bad News:   I had a disagreement with Picasa and Picasa won.  

Good News:  I can still recap later.
Bad News:  I need to kiss and make up with Picasa. 

I did a bunch of cooking so that I can start back into eating a lot more healthy.  It took forever!

Bad News:  Every time I make this bread I'll think about MILF runners funny description.  (well, not all bad)

Good News:  This was my best batch and it is DELICIOUS!

Good News:  I finally got in to see my internist for my yearly fasting blood tests.
Bad News:  I'm slinging around about an extra 8 lbs of water and BLAH from a weekend of body abuse.  

Bad News:  They can't take blood without a bruise.
Good News:  It matches my awesome bed pillows.

Not only did I get my doctors appointment out of the way I was able to get my laundry done, cook, paint my toenails and get the gray out of my hair. 

Good News:  I put on my heated mattress pad!
Bad news:  There is none!!

I hope I'm not the only one that bloats up after a relay or even a big race.  The hotter it is the more I bloat too.  (Bloat is a disgusting word - I think of a dead fish on the shore)  It's almost like a party weekend but with messier hair, no booze and plenty of exercise.  

Bad News:  The day flew by and I wish I had more time to sit on my ass.  
Good News:  So glad I got some stuff done.

Bad News:  The pictures in this post are horrid.
Good News:   I won't post them straight from my phone again.

Bad News:  I don't have a DSL camera and all my pics come straight from my iPhone.
Good News:  I will never pretend to know how to take sweet pics.
Bad News:   I will always post silly pics and probably too many.

Just thought I'd have one big blog of pics and light banter.    Now I have to dry my hair and crawl into my warm clean bed.


Do you tend to get a little "puffy" after a big race or relay weekend?

What do you use to take most of life's pictures?

Blog on..........


  1. iPhone :)

    Is that a SHIT MUFFIN???? looks way better on YOUR blog. I hate bloat too :(