Monday, November 18, 2013

Number one and the lonely flight suit.

My Ragnar recap isn't ready yet, or should I say, started. Going back to work slows all this running blogging stuff down. And as much as I love my laptop, it's too big (and old) to drag around. This is being written on my iPad. Should be interesting. (It was so interesting that I'm posting it 24 hours later because NO blog post should be written on an iPad - we had pic issues, but don't I always)

A little taste of Ragnar....

I was trying not to die and telling teammate Mike that he was number 1. Look at that form....and I'm not talking about my running form. 

We didn't fly one day so I played with my night vision goggles and buffed the helmet shiny. 

I flew my last shift but so nothing this time. My flight suit just patiently waits for the call. It's a lot more comfortable on the hanger and although it's handy when I'm actually working and flying it doesn't qualify for comfortably day wear.

Last but not least, I have not run since Ragnar but I've been a busy little be doing my PT exercises.  Hoping for a long run this week!

It's a core burner, that's for sure!

So the post didn't go up last night, but better late then never.  Today I ran for an hour in perfect cool weather.  I then took my dog for a 30 minutes brisk walk.  Felt awesome!

How do you run around a big work schedule?

Blog on.......

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