Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year?

Of course it's going to be a happy new year!

I have been thinking of this "renewal" time of the year for about a week now.  At first I was pretty sure that I would be glad to say a big "bite me" to 2013.  Then I really started thinking about it.  

I am so thankful for so many things!

  • My Health.  Except for foot surgery, which was minor, I have had great health this year.  With all the financial strain that I've had I have had the energy and the lack of illness in order to work as much as I needed to.

  • Kids.  Naturally.  I think it's been a pretty good year for all of us.  It didn't start out the best and we have had some pretty interesting things happen, but overall my kids are doing SO excellent.

  • Job.  Definitely a great year on the job front.  My second year into my dream job has just been better and better.  Again, some bumps in the road but I start out 2014 in a SLC position and I'm closer to my kids and I don't have such a long commute anymore. 

  • My second Job.  It has kept me in my house and it's actually very fun.  I have a great time being bedside for 12 hours and getting that experience in patient care.  

  • Friends.  They are so awesome.  They keep those stomach muscles tight from laughing!

  • Family. Naturally.  Always there.  Lots of love.  

Yeah, I've had some downers in 2013.  With my divorce and then his "big reveal" of being transgender and learning of his deceit.  That is still pretty painful.  I wasn't able to run very much but the surgery worked and my foot is ready to PARTAAAHY this year.  Big plans involving not too many miles, but still big plans.  I also worked A LOT this last year.  I realized that I didn't even get in a swimsuit in the summer of 2013.  I worked so much.  That is pretty sad.

So no New Years Resolutions for this gal.  I wrote some down last year and I looked over them again this year.  One thing that resolutions have taught me is that there is NO telling what time will bring you. 

I do have one thing that I think is very important that I want to concentrate on this year.  Everyday I want to think to myself:  

What have I done for my body today?

Transporting very sick people this winter has taught me that in the end, your body can only give you back what you give it.  It can fight like crazy and have the best doctors around, but it only has so much to give.  

So here is to a great 2014!  

OK I have ONE resolution.

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL New Years and hopefully this next year will bring a little more time with it and I'll be able to actually publish the blog posts I'm almost done with!

I believe in miracles!

What are your new year resolutions?

Blog on.............

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