Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Salt Lake Half Marathon Recap

I'm so excited to be back!!  Running with friends is the best.  One year and one month after my foot surgery (PROPS to Dr. Dan Preece!) and I'm back on the road running with my homies!

 First, Tera and I worked out our matchy outfits
It's easy for us to be matchy because we don't run together.  She flies past me!

Turns out my blue was sort of a different blue but she and her hubby Jason and I brought a lot of Lululemon to the race!
Ashley, Silvia (Jen's mom), Jason, Tera, me and Jen Q.

The three girls that didn't need to pee

I did as much training as I could. By the time race day came around I felt pretty strong.  I didn't work any overtime shifts that week, ate well and stayed hydrated.  I knew I could make the 13.1 miles pretty easy but I was hoping to come in under 2:15. 

Nice downhill, but there was some HILLS!  

 I took the downhill at a decent pace but the uphill's ended up being a walk sort of thing.  At about mile 7.5 - 8 miles my legs just decided they were done.  I am pretty sure it was the Pilates class I took 2 days before the race.  I was really mad that I had been away from Pilates for so long that it actually kicked my butt for the race. So at mile 9 I decided that I was going to finish but that I was going to enjoy it a little.  Just a little!  
I was really hating the run at this point, but determined to finish.

At 13.10 on my Garmin it was 2:14.  My official time was 2:16:55.

Still not bad.
I've signed up for 2 more half marathons.  One in July and one in August. 

6:59?  Could that be true?
Possibly for a nano-second.

 On my way down the home stretch I heard Tera yelling and made my way to her and Jason after I collected my medal, my creamy ice cream, a yogurt drink and water.  We watched the rest run in.  I love these cute pics of Jen and Ashley.  I missed getting a picture of Sylvia.
Did she really bring the gun show??

Yeah Ashley!

After everyone was in we posed for pics!
These are all runners from our CVICU unit at the hospital.  I pick up shifts once in a while so I guess I count.

Sylvia, me, Jason, Jen, (forgot her bad), Ashley and Tera

It's a pretty cool medal even though I was holding it funny.

My official numbers.
It was just so much fun to be able to go to the race with friends and meet after we were done.  We are all different abilities and styles but it's just a blast.  I'm so glad I'm back to racing.  I still have lots of things to work at with my running but I have plenty of time!

When you run races with friends do you run together?

Do you enjoy running alone at a race?
   I actually do.  I like the mind challenge and the strategies that go through my head.  I also LOVE running with a friend.  I've never ran a race side by side with someone so it's certainly something to try!

Blog on.............


  1. I don't usually like to "race" with friends. I like going with friends and seeing them, but usually I prefer to do the race part in my own little psycho headspace.

    Nice job!

  2. Sometimes I run races to try to meet a time goal, and sometimes I run them just for the fun of it. I love having a friend along when the objective of the race is to have fun. If I'm trying to meet a goal, I prefer to run alone.