Monday, April 28, 2014

Follow up.....and chaos

I let the blog from yesterday sink in and if you commented on it or even read it I thank you.  Sometimes I just have to say something, or write it in this case and I feel mucho bettero.  (yeah, that's spanish...)

You may know, but this is what I do for a living:

I steal flight suits and stand in front of medical helicopters for my selfies. 
Where did I get those sun glasses and where are they now?

I'm a flight nurse.  It can be stressful.  How does that stress play into my anxiety?  When I first started as an LPN on a medical surgical floor I had one anxiety attack.  Since then, as my skills and knowledge increase anxiety attacks associated at work are basically nil.  Let me clarify - they are nil when it comes to patient care.  Regular job stressors and inter-personal relationships make me more anxious then the job itself.  Getting the flight nurse job is one of the hardest things I've ever done. 

As far as anxiety with a critical patient?  Nope.  I do not have anxiety attacks at all.  Do I feel a little scared/anxious and nervous that I will do the right thing every time?  Pretty much every time.  The two feelings are so different I can't even explain. Maybe that's why I work way too much lately.  During my job it's all about the unknown and I feel absolutely in control of myself.  My heart does race sometimes but after 2.5 years my hands don't shake and I can talk without sounding like a total idiot (most of the time).  So if you are unfortunate enough to see my as my transport patient then relax...I am!  

My my normal.

Here is what is happening now.
(I promise I have a couple of actual running posts coming up)

I'm packing for New York City.
It's total chaos.  I have a table in my office to throw my "trip" things on.

First, I am running the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay.  Yes, another relay.  Most of my team is made up of people that I have met as strangers and have become great friends with over the course of 30 hours in a van together. 

I also still have one opening in Van 1.  Email me if your interested.

After the race I'm taking the train into New York City and staying for FIVE days!!  I will be alone but I have a few friends that I want to see and I have a schedule of awesome things to do.  I call it my #EPLtour2014

Never read the book or saw the movie.  It's my "after a bad relationship" trip.  It's not 3 years in Europe but 5 days in my favorite city ever! 
I'll do some delicious eating!
I have plans to do some deep contemplation
(I'm not one to pray)
I will do me some awesome LOVING...of the city!

I plan to have a full report with lots of pics as I go on this 10 day adventure.  In the meantime, trying to pack for 10 days (including a relay race) is certainly a challenge!!  

I'm not sure if this will stick but here are a couple pics that I saw today that make me laugh.  A Lot!
My son's DL picture.
He told me he was wearing a beanie and this is how his hair looked when he took it off.  My late mother in law use to say, "you look like you smelt a wolf".

Because friends are awesome!

Blog on.............


  1. Cool, I'm running my first Ragnar in September (Washington DC), and can't wait to read your recap! I'll need all the tips I can get, especially since I'm our team's captain.

    Hope your relay and days in NYC are relaxing for you. I can't even imagine packing for both trips at once. Have fun!

  2. How exciting!! enjoy your trip, it will be fun!

  3. So I pretty much love that DL picture. It reminds me of my passport photo. The guy who took it said, "These are not supposed to be glamour shots!" So true :)

    Have a blast in NYC!