Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My favorite things: Tattoo

I can't even begin to express how great this trip was!  Of course, now that I am home all the fun realities of work, home, laundry etc is still waiting for me.  Absolutely worth it.  

My favorite souvenir from my trip is this:

Tattoo by: Lindsey Carmichael

Yep,  I went to the filming site of NY Ink.  I took Kaylyn with me the first time on an "adventure".  She pushed me to go in and talk to them.  I talked to Lee Rodriguez who was AWESOME and told him I would be in the next day.  I wanted to make sure I had enough money and all my ideas together.  

Kaylyn (black jacket) giving really good instructions to some "non-natives".  They asked me but....yeah.
More on my adventure with Kaylyn in another post.
(Can you tell I'm not going to do them in order??)

The next day was a big rainy day so I skipped my run and found a great breakfast place.  It's called Vive la Crepe!

 This is an omelet cooked in a crepe that I can eat from my hand.  Good thing they don't have a restaurant here like that.  I would be a crepe-a-holic. 

I jumped on the subway after that and made my way to SOHO, where the tattoo shop is.  I considered getting a pedicure.  Decided I didn't want to.  So I have a few toenails missing.  I'm a runner.  Deal.  Like Lindsey said, "don't apologize for that".  Can he be my best friend?

When I got to Wooster Street I talked to Lee again and found out that an artist named Lindsey was going to do my tattoo.  I had researched Lee because I thought he was going to do it, but I figured it's a pretty reputable shop and Lindsey was probably pretty good.  Oh dear lord I know so very little about the tattoo world.  Lindsey is AMAZING!  He was actually a guest tattoo artist from California.  I had about an hour to wait.  Lee told me I could wait or come back in an hour.  I had to wait.  I wanted to take in the sights and sounds plus I was tired.  

Hanging out.  

Watched a few people come in and talk to Lee.  The fire marshall came in and checked the fire extinguishers.  A couple of people had a small tattoo done. I heard some awesome conversations with people about cover ups and getting tattoos on hands, neck and ears.  Apparently they are very popular now but they have a really poor healing outcome.  Then people want them touched up.  Interesting.  I'm like a tattoo savant now.  (KIDDING!)

Bathroom spray.
Luckily I didn't need it, but I think it's hilarious.

I met Lindsey and I showed him the 3 pictures that I wanted as ideas for the one tattoo.  He took about 45 minutes to draw it up. 
It was perfect.

I wish I had a picture taken with him.  I didn't even think about it.  The experience was seriously like hanging with old friends.

Here are a couple that I grabbed from the internet.  You can always follow him on Instagram.  And yes, he posted my tattoo on there.  BAM!

The good news is that I got a few crotch shots of him when I took pics of my tattoo.  Totally unintended....I mean, come on!

I'm not going to lie.  Hurt like hell.  
I was scolded more then once or 10 times.  He would hit a nerve and my foot was flinch.  I felt sorta bad about it but I did try my best.

I stared at this wall A LOT.  Tried to concentrate on anything that would help.  I ended up sitting up and watching him tattoo.  That was his suggestion.  He was awesome.  Funny too.  He was also OCD like me.  Perfect.

Break while he gets the colors together.
My toes and foot have ink on them.  I do NOT have hairy toes.  ;)

See my shoes in the right hand corner?  I threw them over there and he had to straighten them out because he couldn't stand having them piled up.  Bingo!  If he wasn't married already...

But then again, this sweet single eye candy was working next to us.
(more internet pics)


And that is my tattoo story.

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  1. Love this post! I'm too chicken to get a tattoo, but I love watching Masterink. And all those tattoo guys are really hot!! How long did it take to get your tattoo done?

    1. It was a solid 2 hours. Hurt like a bitch. Soooo worth it. They are hot. Eases the pain a bit.