Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's a TRAIL!

To be successful at this training I really have to dig deep when it comes to an "after shift" run.  Since I worked 24 hours in Park City yesterday, my plan was to run while I'm up there when I get off shift at 8:15.  I did get some sleep the night before so I really didn't have any excuses.  I packed my running gear and headed out to meet up with the Rail Trail.  

This is the Rail Trail just as you start running along I-80.  

I'm not super familiar with the trail but it goes a very long way.  What I didn't plan for was the dirt.  What?  It's a trail!!!  I brought my shiny new white New Balance that I love so much.  AHHHHH!  Am I the only one that is weird about their running shoes?  I like mine clean!

Still white!  So far.  This was at almost 2 miles.

Running selfie!  
Don't you love my hair?  It's a double braid into a side braid.  It's the only way to do my hair in the summer at work.  One minute in this heat in our helmets and my hair looks smashed to my head anyway.

I spent the run using probably the best form I ever have trying to keep my shoes on the ground for as little time as possible.  The training plan itself doesn't start until next week so this was another slow recovery run from last weeks half marathon.

It went fine.  It took me a little over 45 minutes and my HR was higher then usual.  I'm not surprised, it wasn't too hot but I was at a higher elevation.  I also tend to have a little higher HR after working.  Even if I get rest it feels draggy after a shift.  I probably don't hydrate properly.  I don't want to have to piddle mid flight.  It's a learning experience....that's for sure. forgot us.

Not really, but it's a cool pic.  My medic and I sat at the Heber Airport while our pilot did his night training.  9 take offs and 9 landings.  Something about the sound of a helicopter that keeps the job sassy!!!

Do you feel a huge difference when you at a higher elevation?

Helicopters...yes? or no?

Blog on........


  1. I have not ever been in a helicopter but would one day like to. I've had mixed experiences at elevation. Sometimes I've gotten really sick and other times it's been NBD. Good for you for getting that run in :)

  2. It looked like a really hot day. How do you manage to run in the heat?!

  3. Hahaha you are funny. I like my shoes dirty, then I feel like a bad a$$ runner :)