Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working, running, eating and sleeping

I knew that starting this training plan would be tough.  It's difficult to plan on a run on a workday or after a workday.  I'm pretty dependent on the type of shift I have.  The week started out with 3 easy 4 mile runs.  The first one was in Park City and felt OK.  I already covered that mess in my last post.  The next one was better.  It was an early run with an easy pace. 

4 miles in 44:30 minutes
11:06 min/miles with average HR 137

Tried to go with perceived effort and not pay attention to pace.  I'm keeping my HR down and I am running a lot easier a lot longer.  I'm saving my tempo and speed for those particular runs.  Makes running a lot more enjoyable and the rest of the day easier.  

The next day I headed up to the mountains.  The universe was decidedly against this run.  First I forgot my Garmin.  I talked myself into being OK without it and I would just go out 30 minutes and then turn around.  When I parked and threw my shoes on they felt pretty roomy.  Shitballs.  I forgot my inserts.  I can't run without my inserts.  I don't need any more foot problems.  So I raced home, grabbed everything and it ended up to be a pretty great run.   Scheduled was a 4 mile easy and I did take it easy.  The only difference is I hiked up a good hill for almost half a mile making sure to really use my glutes.  I know they are the weak link for most runners.  Then I ran 4 miles out and back on a pretty flat trail then down the hill.  It was a great workout and I got on the trail early before anything that was scheduled that day.  

5.11 Miles in 1:04:42 (average 11:15 min/miles for the 4 miles)
12:39 min/miles with average HR 139

Such a beautiful morning! Not too hot

Then there was the shift that was so busy and so long that I didn't even get my core work done and had to skip a 4 miler.  I got home to do core work, laid down and it was over.  But that's OK because I got my rest for the long run the next day. 

Saturday was a big run.  I had agreed to trade my shift so I was working a 24 hour shift that started at 10 am instead of a night shift.  I set the alarm for 5am and got out for 8 miles.  I kept it slow and easy.  I had one awful nasty goo at 45 minutes that almost gagged me.  The best part of that run is that around mile 6 I started to feel amazing and finished strong.  

8 miles in 1:28:58
11:07 min/miles with average HR 141

It has been a huge adjustment for me to get up early and run then shower and get to work.  Sometimes I don't feel like I'm done sweating when I get there.  For the most part I feel amazing and accomplished for having done it!!

My work day may have started out sweaty but we added lots of fun at a PR (public relations) event.  I love having people see the helicopter and they get to ask questions about what we do.  Love them!

 The towel was there because the seat was getting hot.  
Hot seat..get it?  ;)

 Pilot Jerry loves talking about aircraft and helicopters and is one of the nicest people I work with.

WOW....may the force be with me.

Busy busy week and it has been wonderful.  This week is working out pretty well too.  I have missed a little core work and one run, but I'm going to keep pushing it along with eating well and getting decent sleep.  

Star Wars Fans?

How do you log your runs or do you?

Blog on.............

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