Thursday, July 31, 2014

Starting Strides

Tuesday I was scheduled to run 4 miles easy and then run 4-20 second strides with 2 minutes of complete recovery.  I was at the park by 7:15 AM!  

It felt great!  Keeping my HR down and my speed coming up.  Slow and steady.  

4 miles in 43 min
10:45 min/miles with average HR 131
8:52 min/miles
8:08 min/miles
8:04 min/miles
7:35 min/miles

I came home to the neighbors having a tree removed from their backyard.  They needed my driveway to do it and I knew it was going to happen, but it was pretty amazing!

Pretty epic!

Tuesday is Core day and I have to plan on getting to bed early so I can do my run in the morning before a 7:45 am shift!  GAH!  This will definitely be a test!

What's the earliest you've been up for to run?

Blog on........


  1. You are doing SO WELL on your training!

    The earliest I have got up was at 3:30am, to do a 20 miler. It was horrible time of day to wake up!

    1. Thanks! It feels awesome! It's easier with a friend, thats for sure!!

  2. Wow a flying tree - so cool! Good job on your running!