Monday, September 29, 2014

And I ran...

Remember that song from Flock of Seagulls?  It's been going through my mind lately.  I have no idea why, maybe it's because I actually ran again!  WOOT WOOT!

I really waited this time.  I would do a light jog around my house to make sure my leg was ready and it has taken 3 weeks after my last run to run again.  That being said, it was a slow and heavy run, but I just took my time and worked on my form.  I also ran at work.  EEK!  A lot of folks I work with work out while at work and just have their flight stuff close by.  I'm paranoid.  I don't want to delay or make anyone wait for me.  Plus I was nervous about being all sweaty.  It was a slow day Saturday for all the bases so I gave it a shot.  

I carried my radio with the volume all the way up.  I'm glad it stayed quiet while I ran, it probably would have scared the shit outta me.  Literally.  

I locked my flight suit and all my stuff in a storage we have next to the aircraft. I figured if we were toned out (called) and I was the farthest away I could be there and be dressed in pretty good time. (can you say flight suit over sweaty running clothes?)  I ran around the block.  Around and around until I hit 3 whole miles!!  My legs felt stiff and I felt that horrible feeling of losing some fitness, but it was positive because I think I'm ready to move forward.  Slowly.  I wore my knee tape (scrotee) and my calf compression sleeve.  

It was a beautiful day in Payson.  A thunderstorm had just rolled through.  It felt cool and smelled like rain.

My shadow looks like a GIANT!!  

Our air conditioner needs protection.

Is it just me or does that look cute.  A pilot and our mechanic made it from scraps.  They are so smart!  

In case you may wonder.."why do they have an air conditioner??"   We keep the aircraft either heated or cooled to a certain range of temps.  Better for the aircraft and great for our equipment.  Plus the air conditioner goes in the nurses window which means that when it's hot as crap outside then my seat is cool for about 4.5 seconds.  Yeah!

Friday I go back to my physical therapist.  I'm excited to show her how I've been working hard at my exercises and I can run a little.  I plan a short run in the morning and another one possibly just before my appointment. That way I  am warmed up for my running test on the treadmill.  I'm sure she is going to want to see if my form is causing this pain.  I love doing it too because I have to tuck my shirt into my shorts or capris so she can monitor my hips.  Oh yeah, HOT!!!  

In the MOST exciting news!  My half sleeve tattoo starts tomorrow!  That will be a lot more fun to blog about then running!  Stay tuned......

Blog on.........

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