Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have been excited for this tattoo forever!  I researched for so many hours its embarrassing.  I also knew that I wanted to give the artist plenty of room to make it look good.  I have no artistic talent, I was really putting a lot of trust in Sarah.  I went to Oni Tattoo in SLC.  I had heard wonderful things about Sarah and it took YEARS for all the things fall into place that had to happen for us to be in the same room.  Thankfully that happened today!  Yeah!

After much discussion Sarah drew up a tattoo that was absolutely right.  While she put the final touches on it I noticed these tattoo drawings on the wall.

Are you kidding me?  I LOVE Bob's Burgers!

Yeah, tattoo's still hurt.
Not as bad as the foot though!

She worked on it for a little over an hour.

And it was SPECTACULAR!!  

The tattoo is comprised of the birth month flowers of my children, plus an Iris.  The Iris flower reminds me of growing up and my grandma and mom.  

Austin - July- Delphinium: means laughter/smiling eyes
Jake - December - Narcissis: stay just the way you are
Sami - February - Violet:  Faithfulness and virtue
Daniel - June - Honeysuckle: Devoted affection

Iris - A message ;)

Sarah's plan for the background and the colors are wonderful.  I'm so excited that I just want to get it all done right NOW.  But getting a tattoo is a mental and physical process.  I want to take it all in.  

I was such a good girl I bought some Baskin Robbins for my treat!

Blog on..........


  1. Love the flowers and the meaning of the tattoo. How long will it take to be done? Have you watched inkmaster? My husband and I (even though we both don't have tattoos) are hooked to this show :)

    1. So far I have another 9 hours booked but we'll see. I love watching InkMaster, or any tattoo show. Even before I had a lot of tattoos. Progress will be slow, i'm only going in once a month. Savoring the experience.