Monday, October 20, 2014

Blank. Completely Blank.

That is exactly the way my mind feels this morning.  You know that feeling of being so tired your eyes hurt and the idea of doing much more then making coffee is exhausting!  I lost an entire day!  I've been thinking about football all morning.  Guess what...its Monday!

This is not a complaining post at all.  I just took a minute to try and figure out why I wasn't having time to post anything.  Well....if I'm not working, I'm doing core work, running or I'm dead tired.  So here is a picture overload post.  (my favorite!)  

Pretty much takes up a lot of time.


I am running again.  Not completely pain free but doing my core and leg strengthening exercises are directly related to my pain while running.  Laura gave me a big dose of Graston last time I was there.

Same leg.  Each side.  They lasted almost a week.  It's VERY common to bruise after a Graston technique torture session.  I use the word torture lightly.  It hurts like crazy but it works amazing!  

Laura wants me to keep moving.  So I try and get out every other day and I try to go an hour.  If it hurts I walk.  This way I don't have to hit a certain mileage but just get in an hour of moving. Despite my over abundance of pics I didn't even take one when I ran with my friend Deb!  

Here is my running recap.  Remember I'm doing a lot of walking so I'm slow but I'm moving forward and getting much much better.

9/30 - 3 miles in 34 minutes
10/6 - 5.46 miles in 1 hour
10/10 - 4.12 miles in 1 hour (I didn't do my PT the day before and I was feeling it)
10/12 - 5.23 miles in 1 hour
10/16 - 5 miles in 1 hour

I can't be the only one that wears an outfit twice before washing.  Or can I?

I wish I could have ran more, but life got in the way a few time.

What life?


I love my job.  Thank god!  It's almost wrong how much I enjoy working.  There has been a lot of overtime lately and I have taken advantage of that.  It's not always this abundant (we are down a couple of flight nurses) so why not? This morning I did some math in my head.  True.  It hurt.  I've been working 60 to 72 hours a week.  Add life, kids and time spent recovering and that's how that happens.  

Working in Rock Springs.  We had an aircraft switch out (maintenance) at the end of our shift so we took our stuff and flew home.  YAH! Buddy!

Yesterday we did some training.
One of my favorite pilots giving the run down to Wasatch Backcountry Rescue dogs and their handlers some FYI on the aircraft and getting in and out.

Dry run with a NEW newbie.  PUPPIES!

This puppy was really stressed out by the helicopter.

 I work with the best people ever!  They make my job just that awesome.

We work with Wasatch Backcountry Rescue to help them train the dogs (and the people) to be able to approach a running aircraft, get in and get out with their 2 handlers.  In a real life scenario we would be picking up a handler and their dog plus all their ski gear and taking them up a mountain where a search and rescue was occurring.  Northern Utah has some of the most amazing snow, skiing and back country.  Unfortunately with snow comes avalanches.  We are also taught by avalanche specialist so that we can have information we need to stay safe.

Yesterday I was in the helicopter as we picked up and transported over 20 dogs.  We landed 28 times.  14 of those were in a pretty dusty area that I got out and help the crews in and out of the running aircraft.  A helicopter crew member needs to be part of the process for safety. I was a out for half of them and my medic stayed out for the other half.  Amazeballs!  I can't lie.  Every dog got quite a bit of love from me.  

After we dropped off a patient at the UofU hospital. 
My job does not suck.

Walking down the hall in Ogden.  I've posted a pic like this before but this time it was dark.  Kinda freaky!

There is something about this picture that says my spirit twin was here.  


10 months later I've ordered the prints and put them in frames.
I'm a go-getter!

Decided I was sick of carrying so much shit in my flight suit.  I'm bringing the "nurse purse" back!  Nothing says "I'm ready to party" at a scene flight then a fanny pack!

Seriously?  If I had money I would buy it just for the conversation.  
Wow, that's a big.......chicken??

Unblocked by former friend after a year.  Reblocked by me.
Childish?  yes.  But I love Facebook and I love keeping in touch with friends far away and friends I don't see often.  I don't need to see ANYTHING that is going on with that shitty situation.

New work socks.  They are so comfy I can't stand it!

New annual pass for Millcreek Canyon.  Best 40 bucks spent.  They do a great job keeping it in tip top shape.

Glad I found this gem of a coffee press in my cupboard.  YEAH HOARDING!
The fancy coffee maker behind it has some funky smell to it.  I've tried everything.  I'm going to toss it and get a cheap one.  I had a cheap one for 10 years and it was awesome.  Fancy one...less then 2 years.  LOSER.

Oh crap...I have a massage!  Tough life.

Blog on..........

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