Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to do 3 longs run in one day

Gird your loins..that's for damn sure!

I was just going to link this but it's too awesome!
"Prepare oneself for action"

When I was putting together my training plan for the Del Sol Ultra Relay I planned a day where I run three times.  Not three easy runs but three long runs to get my body ready to run way too many miles in too short of time.  Why does it seem like the planning is easy and before you know it your peak training week is here? 

I've done 2 other weeks of 2 a days so my body wasn't too shocked when I put on my running clothes AGAIN at the end of the day.  Frankly they had gone very well and I surprised how well I felt.  For my 3 in 24 I did some planning.  

First I made sure I had fuel for the runs.  They were at the max 9.4 miles and I don't necessarily fuel much for a run that long, but I could not let my body get behind or I would be miserable and unsuccessful.  

I made my sticky rice lemon ricotta baked rice balls (from the book Portables) and then I made something up to try to make it a little more convenient.  I used the applesauce packets that have a screw top lid and are soft.  

This is the brand I used this time but I use all kinds

I put an applesauce packet with 1/4 cup of ricotta, 2T coconut sugar, cinnamon, salt and lemon juice all together and blended really well.  The kicker......I put it back IN the packet and it slipped easily in my pocket.  I figured out the carbs and figured one would be perfect.  I took a rice ball too and had a bite of it at my pottie stop.  Worked out perfectly.

Here is my usual run from my house.  It includes hills, both up and down, and two gas stations in case I need water or a toilet.  

That hill in red is a killer.  By the time I get to the top I'm at my usual refill/potty stop.  I was surprised I was able to take the hills and stay steady.  

The plan
2 miles less then each of my actually legs.


RUN ONE I left at 8:30.  It was brisk.  Warmed up nicely though.

This hill kills me!  Maybe because it's a couple of miles after my big hill but it feels the steepest.  But it's not.

RUN TWO I left at 5pm.  

I decided I didn't want to do an entire run in the dark.

It was almost 50 degrees when I left but when the sun goes down the temperature plummets.  I forgot a turn and ended up back tracking and THEN walked .70 miles after I hit 9.4 miles.  

RUN THREE I left at 7am.

I'm wearing my transition glasses.  That way I have sunglasses when the sun comes up.  WINNING!

Seriously. I'm such a dork. I'm ALMOST embarrassed by this picture.
See how my water bottles aren't there.  I left like that.
My son was going to work and had to drop them off to me.  SHEESH

I don't wear the knee brace at all but it's not easy keeping track of all my accoutrements. 

I also forgot to make that same turn and had to back track to get the right miles in. Don't follow me anywhere.  I get lost on a run I do ALL the time. 

 As the sun came up at the top of the hill.

I still ran the right distance, just started at times different then planned.

RUN 1  8:31 am 9.3 miles 1:45:00 at 11:18 min/miles
RUN 2  4:59 pm 9.4 miles 1:45:31 at 11:14 min/miles
RUN 3  7:05 am 8.2 miles 1:36:33 at 11:46 min/miles 
Yeah.  I was tired.

I totally hit over 100 miles this month!!


In between I tried to eat how I would during the ultra.  I had some almond milk with protein powder.  I ate some delicious egg/crispy rice omelets (also from the book Portables..I also found a link to the recipe).  I had some soup in between the first 2 runs.  Slept pretty good through the night.  

I felt sluggish during the first run, probably because I ate at a family party the night before and ate stuff I don't usually eat and WAY TOO many carbs.  I was bloated and uncomfortable.


FACT:  Each gram of carbohydrate holds 2.7 - 4 grams of water.
(depends on the website)

Before each run I had a banana and chocolate hazelnut butter (Justins).

What about the inversion?

Inversion from the U helipad last week.  It was cloudy but you can see it over by  downtown and the lake.

Inversion happens in SLC in the winter.  It's basically pollution stuck in the valley and can build up and be very dangerous for people that have lung issues.

The worst air quality is by nature at the bottom of the valley.  Up by my house (east side...bitches..hehe) it is still pretty clear.  I saw blue skies throughout.  I also have the additional benefit of seeing the inversion from the air.  It starts low and works its way up the bench.  THAT is why I run in the SL valley during inversion days, skipping when it's orange or red.  

I don't have a secret to doing multiple runs a day.  I've done about 13 relays and so my body isn't completely new to it.  Hydration is the most important with some electrolyte replacement.  Eating enough.  Seems like it would be easy but I get a little nauseated occasionally.  I was careful to have bland foods. Potatoes with salt are so delicious during a relay.  In between each run I did rest and ice any hot spots.  

Great news!  My leg feels pretty great.  I'm a little sore today (day after) and I've been stretching but no pain.  I did have a 90 minute massage last night.  That is a must!  

And today....I'm STARVING!  Must Eat all the food!!

Anyone tried running more then once a day?

Blog on........


  1. Loins Girded. Asses will be kicked. You totally have this! I like the night running...but then its dark here so freaking much. I am kinda jealous of your ultra fab run! which makes me laugh....cause after two of em I should have had enough. hmmmmm. apparently not. Oh FOMO* is a bitch. *fearofmissingout

  2. That's awesome!! Over 100 miles in January, great way to start 2015!!