Saturday, January 10, 2015 already ran today!

In my last post about fuel I mentioned I was in the middle of my first "two a day" training runs.  8 miles in the morning and 8 miles at night.

I was so nervous about getting sick or being so tired I was miserable that I was meticulous about my day and the night before.  So detailed that I wrote everything down in my exercise journal.  (NERD ALERT! - it fulfills my need to check things off.)

Not included in the details are my night/day before prep.  Drank LOTS of water.  I ate pretty healthy all day and had some potatoes (my carb load choice) with some salt and butter with a 16 oz Nuun the night before.  A decent amount of sleep also.  

Here are the deets:

I always wake up early so I can have a cup of coffee...poop (if needed) and eat. 
(yes I said poop.  Good poop before a long run is THE runners dream)

Eat:    Banana with Justins chocolate hazelnut butter, half a cup of coffee and some water.

Temp: 27 degrees at 8:30 am

   Headband (thick so it covers the ears)
   Gray bra
   Lululemon tank
   arm warmers
   Lululemon gloves  
   Yellow Athleta long sleeve
   Lululemon crops with pockets
   Calf compression sleeves
   Feetures socks
   Hoka Clifton 

I do a lot of identifying with brand because I have more then one type.  Example:  I identify my Lulu gloves because they are very lightweight and great for when it's cold now but will be warming up.  Plus they are soft and I can wipe my nose without it getting raw.  True Story.

Temp at end: 36 degrees

Fuel used:  
   Lemon ricotta rice ball 
   20 oz water

   Drank more water and had 8 oz of dark chocolate almond milk with 1/2 scoop protein powder.  
   An hour after that I ate ham and some potatoes with butter and salt.  

I didn't have any ROLO's because Ted is an asshole and ate them.

In between my runs I rested, ate the second rice ball, drank water and nuun, iced my leg and took one ibuprofen.  Oh and I ate 3 pickle spears and they were AMAZING! 

Second run at 4:30 PM.

I was actually super excited to get going.  That was weird.  

Temp was 45 degrees.  

I wore the same outfit with my arm warmers rolled down.  Thought I might need them later in the run but I didn't.

Early on in my night run.  It got really dark at the end.  I added a reflective vest with blinky light in the back and my new headlamp that can really light the way.  I love it!

I was able to eat 1 1/2 rice balls by taking a bite about every 15 minutes.  They are much easier to eat and swallow when running.  Not sticky.

Drank 24 ounces of water

Finish temp was 37 degrees

Ate same way after.  


Night run 2 a day

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 4:32 PM

Morning run 2 a day

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 8:41 AM


Distance8.00 mi8.01 mi
Avg Speed5.4 mph5.3 mph
Avg Pace11:07 min/mi11:20 min/mi
Calories916 C903 C


SplitTimeDistanceAvg PaceTimeDistanceAvg Pace

Around 4 miles is when I'm at the peak of my hill climb and it really slows me down.  I'm not worried about it during long runs.  It's suppose to be slow.  I nailed the slow part!!

I have to say I felt better during the night run.  I felt faster.  I wasn't so much but I felt it.  

So whats on the agenda now?

Well, I have my mile totals for the race and I'm concentrating more on training my body to run more then once a day then running a long distance.  Next week I'll do a long run of 12 miles, which is a little more then my longest run.  The next 2 weeks I do long split runs of 7-8 miles.  At the peak of my training I'll do a day of 2 runs, 9 miles each and then get up the next morning and do a 9 mile run.  That is at the end of January.  After that its taper.  I have a couple more ideas about fueling but I'm finally starting to feel confident about being able to do this race without feeling like or actually dying!

Woot Woot!

Do you plan your long runs carefully?

Blog on..............

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