Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know I have a few pics to post and a few blogs to write. I needed some down time after all the wedding shenanigans and the long honeymoon.

It took lots of time, some money and talented people surrounding me to pull this thing off. So, I am posting some pics from “before the wedding”. Of course there will be professional pics to come and also I am begging those that were there with camera's to give me copies! I need more of some of those male dancers!! (Stinky, Sea Biscuit, Bill Payer and My Husband - Kitchen Bitch had to bow out early)

The wedding day itself was nerve wracking. I spent a few hour trying to relax before I had to head off and have my hair done. While I was at the salon I kept getting more and more nervous and by the time I got home I was in tears. LUCKILY, my fine family kept me on task. With some music going, drinks being handed out and Sami had just finished with the make-up artist, I felt so much better. Everyone was so happy and excited. I was having my make-up put on; there was a photographer at the house taking pictures. The boys were starting to get ready and it was truly exciting!! All my kids looked so cute and handsome. We are the best looking Brady Bunch - that's for sure!!

When we finally left the house for the big event, I was feeling somewhat calmer and ready to start the shin-dig!!

Sami showing off the cards we put together the night before the wedding. They were for the signing tree that really turned out great and I loved it. This is the bracelet that Marissa (from work) made for me. I had her make four bracelets for me, Sami, my sister and her daughter. She also made a necklace for my mom. The L stands for LeAnn, my sister. She passed away 6 years ago and I wanted to honor her.

Trying to color Jakes hair for the second time. He colored it black about 8 months ago and refuses to cut it. He's a natural blonde to the combo is...odd. The second picture is Daniel posing with me in the kitchen after I had the "pre" makeup and hair day before the big day, day.

Sami at the salon after her hair is done.
Me, with Annie, getting my hair curled. Annie rocks! Sami posing for the finished look. Isn't she just georgeous?? All night I kept looking at her thinking about how she has grown up to be so beautiful (natch!). I need to hide her somewhere so the boys can't touch her.

Austin doing his classic George Castanza move. Sexy Beast!!

What do you think? Models??
Sami, Jake and Daniel messing around in the kitchen.

Maybe I should sign them up. Is there a "hippie" modeling agency??
Daniel giving us some "unplugged" tunes and posing for his first album cover.
My makeup and hair is ready to go. Posing with my boys as a single mom still.
Buffed and puffed and ready to go! OK, we have to get dressed first.

Jen Q. came early to help me get my dress on and was laughing at my straw in my champagne.
Better pics to come!!!
Blog on....

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  1. I love the teddy bear in the background of Danny's album cover. Its a definite keeper!