Monday, March 16, 2009

We are BACK!!

Matt and I are finally back from our Honeymoon!! It was great; I really had a fun time. Spending time with Matt is wonderful and I’m glad we are home. We are still spending time together, but we our back in our reality. It is definitely going to take me a couple of days to get back into the swing. The last 2 weeks before the wedding were so crazy and then the wedding, we leave and last night was the first night we were in our home as husband and wife. I loved putting together the wedding, no matter how stressful, but I am super glad it is over. It is time to move on and start working on our goals and dreams. Well, at least get our taxes done.

I took a few notes from the honeymoon……………not dirty ones…….just thoughts on how the place was and the things we did. (Again, not dirty things). Unfortunately on the 5th day my notebook got wet and I stopped carrying it around and so there isn’t a lot of notes. I do have plenty of great pics that I hope to post soon. I am also very excited to post some pics from the wedding. I am gathering the ones that were taking by my family and friends and will put together a little link for everyone to check them out if you want. Then, when the professional photographer get’s mine done I will post a few (with his permission).

Just a few thoughts:

The Wedding was perfect. The ceremony was perfect, the groom was handsome as could be and the kids looked SO fabulous!! It was great to see friends and family and I am very thankful to everyone who helped me to make it so freakin wonderful!!

Honeymoon was great too. This was our first venture into an all-inclusive resort and we loved it. It was very clean and the service was impeccable. It was an all adult inclusive which means no kids. Despite a few people that thought THAT sounded dirty – it wasn’t. Lots and lots of couples. No nekkidness except for the occasional topless sunbather on the beach. It was great to see couples of all ages enjoying spending time together. We spent almost every second with each other and had a great time!! More details to come….

As part of our package, we had a private car take us the resort. When the man took us to the car he walked us around the bus and there it was: a DODGE STRATUS!!
OH yeah, only the finest.
We really laughed!! It was great to have a private drive to the resort, the car was clean and cool AND they gave us a complimentary cold Corona for the drive.
We could have had more, but the sign on the window specifically said that the driver CANNOT serve alcohol while driving! NATCH! I always ask my passengers to wait for a stoplight or have me pull over before I pop the top on another cold beer......
Blog on.............

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