Friday, April 3, 2009

Sun, Surf and a Beach Bar

That’s about how I would sum up our honeymoon, at least the part I want to talk about. Matt and I went to the El Dorado Royale Spa Resort about 20 minutes south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya. It was a beautiful. It was an all-inclusive adult resort that had impeccable service, grounds that were perfect and an atmosphere of relaxation and romance. A classy romance that it. Everywhere we went there were couples spending time together, walking, and holding hands. It was really wonderful. It was refreshing watching all these people just wanting to be together and enjoying each other’s company. I was told that these adult resorts could be a place of debauchery and sin, but this resort was nothing but class. Everyone was so nice and there were plenty of activities to do if we wanted to keep busy. I would say it was a PG-13 atmosphere if you take into account the booze, Speedo’s and a couple of topless women on the beach.

The food was fabulous. They served it beautifully and the service was amazing. I came back to the states and when we went to dinner I was amazed I had to pull out my own chair and put my own napkin on my lap (GASP!!). I was also impressed that the proportions were small and not so excessive. This way there was always room for dessert.

I tried to journal for about a day and a half, then my notebook got wet and that was the end of that. It didn’t dry until we were home. That was one thing I have a difficult time getting use to and that was the humidity. Our room was well air-conditioned and even had a dry setting, but please, I’m from Utah. Dry has a whole new definition here.

We were there from Sunday until the next Sunday. I already posted about our “personal car” ride to the resort, which was a funny start!

Sunday we just tried to settle in and acclimate to the humidity and heat. Our room was great and roomy with a huge jetted tub. Giggity giggity!!! Even the shower was big enough for the both of us. (Double giggity!!) The only thing we didn’t do together was sit on the can. I guess this resort never saw the Saturday night live with the “Love toilet”. Although, please, ew. OK, enough with the dirty talk, we were on our honeymoon…sheesh!

Monday we lathered up in SPF 30 and hung out by a couple of the pools. We had one right outside our patio, but it was small without much shade. We tried a couple of the pools and found a cabana by one and did some hanging out there. We had a choice of many restaurants on the property and were able to go to all but one, which was closed the night we went. We were there on the off season, so they closed a restaurant once in a while. That night we went to the Italian one and martini’s at the martini bar. They had some old guy singing Elvis up there with his karaoke machine – it was great!

Tuesday we found a pool farther south (?) and it was a little bit quieter, although they had activities going on all the time. Music, water aerobics and volleyball. It was fun to watch, but we just hung out. They had all sorts of people hired just to get the patrons involved and having fun.
Wednesday morning Matt went on a half day fishing trip. The waves were pretty bad and they wouldn’t let us take out the kayaks. Matt was jonesin to fish and so he went out on a fishing boat. I would have gone, I love fishing with him, but with the waves I knew I would have spent the whole time yackin off the side. So, in my misery, I spent the day reading in the shade of a cabana on the beach. I was sunburned from our 2 days of trying to stay well sun screened and out of the sun, so I kept on a t-shirt and stayed shade side. We got up early together to have breakfast and then I headed out to reserve my cabana by the beach. I read, watched people walk around the big sand bags and every time I had to go visit the little girls room, I walked by the beach bar for another delicious round of refreshing beverage. This in turn made me go to the little girl’s room more, which worked out perfectly. Amazingly I felt no social pressure to be any certain body type there. It was very relaxed and everyone fit in. I felt absolutely comfortable walking around in my swimsuit. Although I did make an observation that a one piece skirted swimsuit is not adequate for dining. My happy husband returned from his fishing trip so happy and damn he is cute!

I loved sitting there watching everyone walking along the beach hand in hand. I have so many great memories with Matt, walking hand in hand on the beach, in the city, everywhere. I think a vacation like this should be a marital requirement. Get away, hold hands, walk, talk and just enjoy being together with no pressure to be anywhere or do anything.

There were multiple weddings while we were there. Starting on Wednesday and by Saturday night we watched at least 3 on one night. I was glad we didn’t do a beach wedding. It is a nice touch, but I was glad to be close to my family and friends and have them celebrate with us. Matt and I would walk around the resort a lot and watch what was going on.

We went on at least 2 walks a day. The resort was laid out along the beach and was pretty big. I am not sure, but it could have been a mile wide. It was fun to walk along the beach and then come back around on the resort walks. We always had to watch for golf carts that are the way the staff got around. There were also golf carts that would take you around if you didn’t want to walk.

In the surf by the beach, the resort had these HUGE sand bags. There were signs everywhere that told us not to get on the sand bags. It looked more like a sign to tell us to stop humping the whales. We also were given 2 cards that got us towels for the beach/pool. I would tease Matt about people or ourselves getting our towel cards taken away if we did something we weren’t suppose to, like climb on the sand bags or feed the animals.

Thursday I decided to try out the pottery. I had looked at it on the first day and finally decided that I had had enough sun and reading and wanted to do something else. They had a table set up and this guy sold you pottery and he had all the paints and equipment and you would paint it, he would take it and fire it, and you would pick it up the next day. The first day I made myself a piggy bank. After that I went back and made a gift for each of my boys. I was hooked! It was so relaxing and the beach bar was within sight!

Part of our Honeymoon package we had wine credit, dinner on the beach and a couples massage. They didn’t have that great of wine, so we didn’t use the whole credit. Although, we did get a bottle of red that Matt was swigging on the last day – that was hilarious. The dinner on the beach was ok. I was tired and the dinner was on the beach, but they had these linen wraps around 3 sides of your “cabana” and so you couldn’t see the beach. I don’t get a big kick out of walking in the sand in regular shoes either. We headed out early with no dessert and walked around, which was much better. Unfortunately we waited until Saturday to have our couples massage. This was amazing. We had them on the beach in a raised Cabana, so we had privacy and the sound of the ocean. The massage was great and next time we are going to have at least 3! It was a Spa resort and so there was so many things we could have done that we didn’t think of until later. Plus, the waves were usually very calm in March, but were not when we were there. We really wanted to Kayak and as we were walking to leave the resort, they were finally letting some people kayak. I couldn’t help but laugh!

It was a perfect honeymoon that followed a perfect wedding. I guess that’s what I get for snatchin the perfect man!! Spending time together is so wonderful and he makes me feel so good about myself and who I am all the time. Even when I’m feeling crappy or limping on my stupid bad foot – I feel beautiful – because Matt thinks I’m beautiful.

We will definitely be making plans to continue these great vacations where we get to spend time alone together. I always want to think of things to keep the romance fresh!! Almost a month down and lifetime to go!


  1. Congratulations, Kathee! I heard your wedding was beautiful and it sounds like your honeymoon was just perfect. I'm so happy for you!

  2. Sounds like the best honeymoon! Except for the lack of the love toilet, haha. I'm glad you didn't get in trouble for humping the sandbags.