Monday, June 8, 2009


The first Saturday of June, Matt and I were going to Cabella's. We really wanted to take Ryder and so we asked his parents and the way was clear for our first Grandparent outing!!

Still a little tired and wondering what is UP! Driving in Pipa's truck.

Happy to be there!

Getting ready to go into the store.

When I finally set him down (He was so NOT thrilled with the big ass fish in the tanks) he just stood there looking around and smiling for about 10 minutes.

The real fun came playing chase and hide and seek with Mima!

Pensively waiting for Mima to make a move!

Exhausted from the fun!
We loved it and can't wait for our next Grandparent outing!!
The zoo? pool? children's museum? Mexico? Strawberry?
The possibilities are endless and hope this is first of a long line of grandparent/grand kid outings. Let's just say we can wait a bit for any more. Take your time kids.....take your time!
Love you Puddin Pie!
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