Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day of the DAILY!

Here is a lot of pictures!! It is just too difficult to describe it in words.
On our second full day in Moab, Nate and Rani organized a trip to take us all down the Colorado river. Matt's Mom and Dad joined us the night before and his Mom was going to join us on the river. Al (Matt's dad) had just had knee replacement surgery and so he stayed home with the dogs.
Here is our PRE- river trip pics.

Nate and Rani's Volvo with the boat and Matt and Nate's friend loading the Ducky's.

Complimentary picture taking with Sami and cousin IT.

OH WAIT, it's Daniel!!

Matt and I ready to ROCK! it on the river.

What a handy Volvo. Stuffed with stuff!

Perfectly Moab-ish!

On our way!

Yeah, I'm a dork. I love my new river hat though. It saved my face from sunburn.
Hang next post...........
It's a white knuckle'r. ( that sounds dirty )
Blog ON......

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