Thursday, August 13, 2009

Desperate times, my friends.

There is easily thousands of things that bother me on a daily basis. Luckily I am in tune with my inner "doesn't want to bother with that crap" side and most things don't have much of an effect. With one very large exception. Dog Hair. Drives me absolutely crazy. Ted has the finest, lightest and stickiest hair ever. It's not really sticky, but it's like hair that has been rubbed with a balloon for about 12 hours.

We vacuum every day with the Dyson Animal. Matt brought it into the marriage and it is one of the most vital components of our love and commitment. Today, I had HAD it! I have a sheet on the couch to prevent Zoe hair from invading and now, Ted was going to have to pay. I had vacuumed and turned around and he immediately scratched his neck and left a glob of hair.

Most of us avoid brushing Ted for 2 reasons. You could brush him a week straight and still get ton's of hair and b. the hair sticks to you like your in a huge static ball. I had done some research about "pet vac's" etc. but the reviews were sketchy.

Here is my solution:

Yes Matt, that is the shop vac attachment I pulled off the side and duct taped our furminator pet brush to. I still had to pull the hair out of the little combs, but all in all it was a much cleaner approach. Ted was a champ, but a little skittish. After I was done, I took off the attachment and gave him a good vacuuming.

This, is what I found IN the vacuum:

I was elated!!! Look at all that hair with a lot less work! I'm sure that if we kept it we could stuff enough pillows for the world or get a spinning machine and knit a world quilt. I threw it away. Some things I just can't renew or reuse. It's the republican in me, as is the duct tape.

Post brush/vacuum. I like to think Ted is telling Zoe to run, run like the wind before mommy vacuums you!!! Hehehehe.

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  1. Tooo funny! I actually do the same thing with my dog. She absolutely hates it and tries to bite the vacuum hose.