Monday, August 24, 2009

Flaming Gorge July/August 09

For at least 6 years we have made a trip to Flaming Gorge in July. It's a wonderful time of year to go with hot days and cool nights. It started out as an adult only trip and has turned into family fun. I guess we decided we kinda liked our kids. When I say "we", I mean Gary and I with our friends. We've had a huge crowd on some years and just a few of us on others. Either way, it's one of two trips a year that Gary and I make together. The other one being the snowmobile trip.

This year it was a small crowd and we had a great time. This year it was Gary and his girlfriend Loreen and her daughter Sara. They bring Jonathon and Teresa, whose mom is a friend of ours and doesn't like camping. (weird!! hehe) Then another friend of ours who I haven't seen in years, Sherrie and her husband Art and her daughter Amber. Loreen's friend Stephanie was also there. Matt and I brought Daniel and Samantha and Austin met us later. Jake had to work, so he stayed home.

Matt out on his early morning fishing trip.

We kept the boats out of the water at night. Look how close we are to the crapper! It's usually way up the hill! The water was sure up this year.

Matt at his cooking station.

Crawdads..................Crawdads boiling. Num Yummy they were!

Hanging out

This is what happens when you work all night, then drive to the lake. Austin passed out asleep in his truck. We covered him with a sleeping bag and gave him a Gatorade. I think he told me he woke up around 2am.

Sami and Teresa.





Austin trying to hold on!

Sami.......getting some sweet air!



Daniel driving the boat. Of course, our trusty flag. I took this picture so we could visualize it more when someone was in the water. Visualize and USE!! Safety first!

The kids having a water fight in the water. I was trying to swim.

Hanging out on one of the docks they have all over Flaming Gorge. Art is putting Amber in the tube and she loved it!! (She is mentally handicapped/cerebral palsy)

Of course those are the tiny teenagers laying out in bikini's.

Trip to the dam.

Austin and the girls sitting in the back and the front of the boat, following Gary's boat.

Daniel doing some more driving. He loved it. I read a lot. Finished that book on the trip.

Gary's boat. Getting close to the dam and seeing the bridge. This was the first time we had been able to go that far. The weather was absolutely wonderful! Calm, warm and delightful.
Looking out at the water from our campsite. I'm actually taking a picture of where we use to camp.
Sherrie and Art's trailer and the lovely princess mobile! My dad lets us use his motor home on this trip and we love it! It makes a difference having a fridge AND be able to stand up when you change. Not to mention the potty! Woot! Woot!
The cooking "man-cave".

The boys watching in AWE as Gary shows off his dutch over skills!

The start of something delicious!! Every year we have a dutch oven dinner on Saturday night. Gary makes some kick-ass pork ribs and potatoes. Sherrie made a dutch over brownie that I could have eaten the whole thing myself!!

Amber - excited! She was talking about her birthday party that was happening the next week.

View of part of our camp from the crapper. It's awful close to both that and the water. Loreen was loving the fun!!!

Chilaxin on the last night with a refreshing beverage. Waiting for my dutch oven!!


Thanks to Sherrie for taking this wonderful family photo!! I love it! Shows our personalities, that's for sure.
Great times! Thanks to everyone who went with us, I had the best time!
Until next year.........
Blog on..........

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