Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daniels Day 8.29.2009

On Saturday, Daniel played with his WMCA group at the opening of the new Children's Center downtown. He did a great job and love to go watch him play!!

The whole band.

Daniel is taking his guitar serious and then there is a pic of him and Evan actually smiling AND you can see them!

Daniel and Evan, friends since grade school.

Nate, the other guitarist and Felicia, their lead singer.

My mom and dad came to check out his tunes!

Matt and Sami were there to support him too! They always are.
Then on to FOOTBALL!!

Daniel (#50) swinging around looking for a hard hit and waiting for a play to start.

The team!

It was a pre-season game and they played it at the Olympus High football stadium. It was huge compared to our regular fields. They played against my Alma mater - Brighton High. I had no feelings about that. Well, except that I graduated from there. Daniel did great and had a exciting, but tiring day.
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