Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moab - Dead horse Point!

On our last night there, we packed up Nate and Rani and they packed up a picnic, and headed to Dead horse point. We wanted to see the sunset from such a beautiful place.
Once we got off the freeway, Sami sat up with me, leaving more room in the back. Of course we took silly pics!

The Sites!!

Look closely, you'll see a deer.

Looking over the edge was a little nerve wracking for us "afraid of heights" folks.

Can you believe the view?

Me and Sami.

Sami texting or sending a pic. Rani, Nate and Miley.

Ahh............cute family photo! Who would know we had 6 six kids!

Pictures with my boys!

Setting up our picnic! Doesn't get any better then this!

Self portrait with the crowd eating in the background. Sami enjoying the delicious sandwiches.

Rani getting the food out. It was delicious!

Matt in his happy place with a beer and his hands in his pants! Whadda keeper! hehe Nate and Miley.

Blog on............

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