Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moab - River!!

Or, this post could be known as: A butt-load of pics. Of course, because there are so many pics, I posted them backwards. I spent about 2 minutes thinking of repositioning or reloading them, but I got over that. SO, while browsing, consider that the first pics are at the end of the trip and the last pics are at the first of the trip.

Daniel and Sami enjoying the water.

Daniel and Sami hittin the rapids while I chill.....cool like.

Sami and I getting splashy

Rani taking her turn at rowing the boat with Nate behind her.

Sami doing her "out" of the boat pose.

Lot's of boats! Matt and his mom.

Matt taking a turn at rowing and I was behind him watching the big gun's at work!

Water fight.

The duckies and Sami taking her turn in the boat.

The boat with me, Nate, Susan and Sami. Look at Rani's form. She taught us well.

Sami and Daniel.

Our first stop. Refreshing beverage. Sami is holding Matt's beer, she is not drinking it.

Rani showing Daniel how to work the duckie. Daniel was absolutely sure he wasn't going to get into one. Once we got him in one, he wouldn't get out. LOVED IT!! As we all did.


Daniel. Look at those skills.

The boat.

Matt and Nate rowing. Nate did a great job getting us down the river. His mom was in the boat, so there was an investment in safety! Haha

Sami hitting the rapids and Daniel watching. This was before he got in the boat.

At our first stop. Sami got in the duckie and I got in the boat. We would switch back and forth. We had such a great time and look forward to going back to Moab for some great times. Nate and Rani were wonderful and it was great going down with Susan also. Nate and Rani had some good friends come along that were great also!
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