Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mimi and Pipa ROCK with the Pudster!!

Friday night we had the privilege of getting our grandson for the evening. It was date night for his mom and dad and we were able to take him. Usually we are so busy and the timing is wrong, but this time the planets aligned!!

He screamed when he realized he was away from his mom, but within minutes he had stopped. First thing we did was pick up Daniel from football. We let him run around the grass and he LOVED it!! He loved seeing Daniel too!

Of course, Mima brought some cookies and we put his cup holder on his car seat and brought some water also!! He is cool and stylin!

We went to dinner at Z's Pizzaria. MMMmmmm DELICIOUS!! I usually let him stick knives in his mouth. It keeps things mysterious!! and edgy!!

Family pic. Matt looks stoned and Daniel looks........crazy. Pud sure is cute though!!

Z's employee of the month!! In my eyes! Jake served us quickly and we each had a delicious personal pizza, salad and drink! Very reasonably priced and Y U M M Y!!

I cut up bits of my pizza and gave it to Pud to munch on. MMMMMmm CHEESE! Doesn't get better then this!

When we got home I tried to change his diaper and put on his jammies. I got as far as getting his clothes off. Then he wanted to climb and run.

Sami tried to take a picture with him and he decided that putting his butt in her face was much more fun!

Watching Sami and Daniel leave.

He's just gotta dance!!
Right after this move he took a header onto the floor! No tears, just shock!!

I managed to get his diaper changed and his jammie pants on. Then we had to take a dance break.

When I got his jammies on he started running around the house. This was hilarious, I took the pic just as he ran through the kitchen and Ted was running the other way and they ran smack dab into each other!! Ryder stopped faster then I have ever seen a toddler stop.

Then he fed Ted his cookie. Zoe was just staring at me with her evil blue cataracts!!

Playing in Pipa's chair!

Love to bounce

Peek a boo!!

We wore him out!!! After dancing and running around he crawled up on my lap and had a little of his bottle and went right to sleep. No crying, no fussing, just cuddling!!
I am the luckiest grandma alive!!
Blog on.........

Z's Pizzeria can be found at 1588 Stratford Ave. in SLC. That is about 2580 South. They not only serve delicious pizza they are serving coffee too!!

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