Saturday, October 3, 2009


I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted a blog! Matt and I have both been quite busy. Every couple of years Matt has to travel a lot to do audits for his job, so he has been traveling A LOT! With Matt gone I have had to scramble to get my kids to and from their stuff and I wonder how I was ever a single mom! We also have several projects going. Matt and our friend John are building a sweet storage shed in the backyard and we are trying to update a few things in the house. We purchased a new king bed frame with headboard AND foot board. Hoity Toity! Feelin like the rich and famous. We also got all new dressers....see pic below.......we haven't put them together yet. I LOVE Ikea, but I'm not sure Matt does. Quite a project of boxes, eh?

He's so hot!

We are also starting a couple months of traveling. We just came home from Santa Cruz where Matt worked and I went with him so we can spend time together. It was fun and I absolutely loved Santa Cruz. We are off to Minneapolis in a couple of weeks so that Matt can attend a conference and I can do my usual hanging out reading, running, etc. After that we head out to New York with Sami and Daniel to be in the land of heaven!! We are seeing a show and going to a Giants football game. We will round out our four trips of fun with a trip to Idaho to my families cabin for Thanksgiving. Whew!! I have pics and plenty of fun pics to post from the last month, including a summary of life on the boat this last summer!

Blog on..........

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