Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Morning aka Afternoon


I love Christmas day! This was an interesting Christmas day this year. I had to work the night before, I was newly married to Matt and my kids were with their dad until noon. The working and kids until noon wasn't anything new for me, but my poor husband spent most of Christmas eve alone. Luckily Austin was around and they were able to get a smothered burrito to soothe their lonely hearts. hehe

When I got home from work, Matt and I set up the presents, etc. Then I went to bed and we planned on meeting here at noon with the kids. Corinne and Logan didn't make it, they were up with Logan's dad at his cabin and skiing.

So many presents! Actually, it looks a little thin.....dang economy!! Even Santa was on a budget!

Next year I think I will splurge for personalized socks. Except for Austin and Jake, we all had stapled names to our socks. Classy, I know!

Our fireplace with lights.

Ted was trying to figure out what was up, but he just gave up.

I tried to get a cute pic of the dogs together. Dang, they are cute!! Notice the sheet covered couch. It's protection from all the hair that Zoe likes to leave behind. We take them off for guests, of course!

Yeah! Ryder and Rachelle!

Ryder opening his presents from mom and dad and Santa.

The dogs trying to figure out their delightful treats.

Zoe took hers outside. Just look at her face! She looks like she is going to attack the camera if it gets any closer!

Checking out stockings.

Sami and Jake.

Ryder and Rachelle check out their Santa gifts. Oh, a toothbrush!! How handy!!

Ryder now has a football jersey with his last name on it! Oh yeah, I'm starting early!!

Yeah! A new ski helmet! I was using Jake's old one and tying the strap in a knot. This one is super comfy and I was lucky enough to be able to trade it for something that matched my outfit! I guess I could have kept the helmet and switched coat/pants/ski's and boots - but instead I exchanged it for a sweet black one! Thank you Matt!! I also got a Garmin 305 with a GPS for when I run. It is so awesome! I love it, love it, love it!! I even went out the next day in freezing cold weather to try it out! It was really, really cold, but all I could think of was that there was a GPS strapped to my wrist!

So much "stud muffin" on one couch! What handsome boys!

Matt got a new captains hat for his boat!! Yes captain! As you wish!

Sami showing her favorite gift. The first 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Good thing she is cute!

Jake really liked his cookbook. That's good! Guess I'll have to have him cook for me!

Daniel got an iPod Touch. How spoiled is that!!

A refurbished Xbox 360! Just what every single guy needs in his bachelor pad!

The Peterson's and their gifts! A scarf I made for Rachelle, Pud Peterson Jersey and a "sexytime" t shirt for Chris! What a darling family they are!

Cutest grandson EVER!

Checking out the snow.

It was just such a great Christmas! I love my kids, all of them, and I enjoy seeing them and spending time with them. I couldn't have asked for anything better!! Even working on a holiday, it sure does help me realize how lucky I am. I am so grateful for my health and that we have a healthy happy family!
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