Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Party at Taylors! Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!!
This year we had our big Taylor family Christmas on Christmas day. I'd like to thank my family for being flexible with my schedule. My brother, Brad is also a nurse and at times has to work on Christmas too. It's part of the job.
Either way, we had a blast! I love my family and we had a great time, as always!

Me with my cute little nephew, Charlie

Jake and I with Charlie

Xadi! So adorable and sister to Charlie.

Austin, chilling on the massage chair. Relaxation!

My mom and Jake

Matt and I getting ready for the best part! NO, not the food...the PRESENTS!

Austin and Daniel.

Sami and my sister-in-law Christie

My dad puts on a good show and this year he had us SING! YIKES!

Even a nose!

The Taylor family excitement while singing!!

Dave opening Charlie's present. Charlie was hanging out with his mom getting a delicious meal.

All the grand kids open their presents with Grandpa! Here is Xadi kicking off the festivities.

Jack is loving his Legos!

Abby opening her present.

Jove getting his new car track.

Matthew opening up his present.

Katelyn getting her new jacket.

Emily with her present. A new Coach purse, well that's what the guy on Canal street said it was!


Daniel gets another black Guns N' Roses T! Looks like the kids are getting too big to sit on Grandpa's lap!


I think James is gonna take Grandpa down! Hehe

Alec got some nuts and he was happy about that, but luckily there was more to the present!! YES!

Sami! He picture is a little fuzzy, but her cuteness is showing through!

Jack watching Dylan opening his present!

Grandpa gave in and got another chair when Jake came up to sit on his lap! Grand kids are growing!

Sweet gift from Xadi and an even sweeter hug!

Jake was given the wrong gift at first and it had baby stuff in it! Oh the harassment!!

My dad thought it a better idea for him to sit on Austins lap!


Thumbs up to a stretchy hose!

Mark and Christie had their gift together. Looks like fun and games at their house!



My sister Caroline.

Sister-in-law Cathryn.

Matt and my dad

Matt received some fishing lures.

My turn!

My brother Brad.

Brother Dave. I made him a hat and put together a pic of him and Xadi.

My dads turn!

My mom and dad opening presents.

Matt and Sami

More pics of my mom and dad
Xadi got a digital camera from Grandma and Grandpa. It's the cutest thing ever and I would love to see the pics that she takes! I have a feeling she is going to keep us busy with performances as she gets older!
It was definately a great Christmas this year. Times are tight, but "things" don't matter when you are with family. It was a great dinner and fun times with lots of laughs. Missing from the crowd was my brother Joe and his wife, Marie. Joe was feeling ill that day and they didn't make it. Neither did Rachelle, Chris, Ryder, Corinne and Logan as they were with their other families. We had our chance to celebrate earlier with them.
I'm a lucky lucky girl!
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