Monday, January 18, 2010

Slash and the blog.

What do Slash and my blog have to do with each other? That is an interesting and very valid question. First I finally updated my blog through Christmas with just a few to update from before that. Second, I am trying to post more of the day to day updates the way I had originally planned.

Matt and I just came back from the cabin (pictures to follow) and while I was there I read two books. The first one, "The non-runners marathon guide for women" and "Slash". Luckily, I am not planning on running a marathon and I'm not planning to be a rock star either....whew!! That was close! The marathon book was great entertainment and helped me realize I could run a marathon, if I truly become that insane. I busted through it really quick and it was pretty light reading. Helps keep me motivated with my 9-10 miles a week.

The Slash book is another subject. It's 460 pages of drugs, sex, debauchery and bad choices. I am still out on how I feel about reading it. The reason I did read it is easy. Daniel wanted to read it about 2 years ago. I went to our trusty book store and browsed the book and told him no. Unfortunately, his buddy in guitar crime talked his parents into buying it and more sooner then later it ended up in Daniels hands. Now, this is my 4Th kid and I'm tired. I know I could stomp and threaten and burn the book, but then it would make it something mysterious and wrong and he would definitely have to read it! So, I did what any tired mom of a teenager does and I gave in. BUT, I told him that after he read it, I would read it and then we would talk about it. See that? TALK about it! Fourteen year old boys hate to talk about anything and especially drugs, sex and debauchery with their MOM! He read the book and updated me on details as he read it and then handed it to me. It has taken me a while to really start on it and I finished the last over 300 pages in 24 hours. I was surprised that it did have some lessons about hard work and respect and really showed that if you are really talented you don't have to go the drugs route.

I count it as a book read and it was an experience. Awkwardly, I would love to meet Slash or at least watch him play. Kind of like I want to ride a pterodactyl after seeing Avatar. Although I think my odds are with me on Slash, especially since he is touring soon. Guess I better get my 80's stuff out!

DISCLAIMER: Any parenting advice taken from this post and used on your own kids is done at your own risk.

Blog on..........

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